Your Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Takoma Park, MD

by Prince Of Petworth — March 1, 2011 at 3:00 pm 7 Comments

This rental is located at 8105 Greenwood Ave., Takoma Park, MD:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“I have 5 more months on my lease. This unfurnished, quiet and private apartment is 3 miles from the District in eclectic, animal friendly, enviro conscious, Takoma Park. Small town feel, but easily DC accessible. Close to Buses/Metro, farmer’s market and cool places to eat.

This one bedroom apartment is surprisingly spacious and great for animal owners as the windows do not face the street. No worrying about your dog barking in the windows all day here! Hardwood floors through out. Cute bathroom with BIG bath tub. Laundry in basement, landlord pays heat and keeps the building in very nice condition. Tenant pays electric and gas for cooking. AC unit in bedroom keeps things cool in Summer. Plenty of street parking,

If you have animals, you know how hard it is to find an apartment that will allow them. Nominal animal fees apply ($25 per cat and $50per dog) for quiet, non destructive pets. I have lived here comfortably with BIG dogs and a cat.

Pics show kitchen, living room , bathroom and bedroom (sorry about the unmade bed!)”

I don’t think we’ve ever discussed a Takoma Park rental before (but I know there are fans) – $1095 sound right for this 1 bedroom?

  • A

    Sigh… it looks really cute. You can really get a lot for your $$ if you’re willing to give up Metro access.

    I wonder if there is a mistake on the address, though. Streetview just showed a bunch of single-family houses, no apartment buildings.

    • grumpy

      There are quite a few brick buildings in this area which might appear like one big house, but actually contain several apartments (I looked at one a few years ago). Personally I wouldn’t mind saving $300-$400 a month in rent to live here (although it would require me to buy a car). Hooray for pet-friendly!

      • Anonymous

        yeah, the car requirement pretty much eats up that savings when you factor in insurance, gas, repairs, etc. this is what drives me crazy in discussions of moving out to the ‘burbs for cheaper rent…if you go from not needing a car in the city to needing a car in an outlying area, any savings on housing costs will probably be eaten up by transpo.

        • A

          Except that:
          (1) Some people already have a car (either need it for work or just want one) so the additional costs are just from using it more.
          (2) An apt apt like this in a Metro-accessible safe neighborhood in DC would be more like $1600-1800, so the rent savings of 500-700/month would actually offset the purchase of a car.

  • Maire

    My ex lives on that block! It’s actually a great little neighborhood… easy walk/jog into Sligo Creek Park, close to grocery stores, five minutes drive to Silver Spring. Not close to metro but it’s a nice street, very quiet…

  • jt$

    Love you PoP, sorry to complain but could you please go easy on the “Your blah blah blah” post titles? Half the marketing emails I get include this in the title and it strikes me as false personalization. It’s probably effective therefore it will be used more and more throughout the internet but I really can’t stand it and find it a huge turn off.

    As for the post, someone more familiar with Takoma Park rent is probably wiser than me but I’m fairly unimpressed with what $1100 gets you outside the district. Better yes but not better enough to beat location.

  • New

    I grew up a block from here so I am biased but I think that it is a great neighborhood. You are a block from a metro bus stop (spent many a day on the 12 bus) that will take you to Takoma or SS station in about 10 minutes. It is about 20 minutes from here to my house way out in Bloomingdale


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