Yoga News: Bloomingdale’s Yoga District Looking for a new Home – U Street’s Boundless Yoga Opens in its new home Apr. 1st

Yoga District is located at 1830 1st St., NW. In response to a query, Yoga District’s Jasmine writes,

“No we’re totally not closing- we’d never do that to the bloomie community – we love it there so much!!!!!!!!!! but the landlord hasn’t made major repairs he’s responsible for in the basement of the building. we’ve already been to court once and it’s painful and expensive to get him to act, and the lease unfortunately sticks us with his attorney fees regardless of outcome, so we’re either paying our AND his attorney to get him to make the repairs, or we can choose to avoid the legal process and just pay for the repairs ourselves- it’s probably all the same in terms of $. but rather than find thousands and thousands of dollars for either option, we’d love to move, ideally to a place owned by someone in the community or to a place that some of our friends in the community can buy together.”

I hope they find a great space but it’s a bit sad that they need to move because the purple building was looking good!

And in other Yoga news – as we’ve seen – the building at 13th and U St, NW has been renovated and on April 1st, Boundless Yoga will be open on the 2nd floor.

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