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Standard Bar and BBQ Soft Opened this Weekend at 14th and S St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — March 13, 2011 at 10:25 pm 48 Comments

“Dear PoP,

I thought you might like to know that I strolled by the BBQ place at 14th and S St, NW and they were open for the first time tonight [Friday]. The food looked pretty good (I didn’t try it, though, as I had already eaten) and they had Bell’s Two Hearted on tap – a personal favorite.”

Last Nov. we had an update on the new venture, Standard, which soft opened this weekend in the old, old Garden District space at the north east corner of 14th and S St, NW. At the time people were very optimistic. Based on the crowds (and smiles) I saw this Sunday afternoon – I’d say expectations were met. I stopped by last week to take a few photos of the inside but as you can see – the real appeal here is the amazing outdoor space. The beer options look good as does the bbq – but with weather like we had this weekend, this could be one of the best people watching spots in the city. Anyone happen to stop by this weekend?

After the jump lots more photos including the menu.

  • Anonymous

    What a franchiseable idea! yum

  • snob

    i stopped by, and it was awesome

  • PG

    Do they have a wood-fuled smoker?

    • I was about to say I didn’t see any smoke.

      Hill Country BBQ just opened this weekend. Texas style brisket smoked over oak. Just follow your nose.

  • pia

    We walked by en route to dinner at Rice and I was wondering what was going on. I wonder if they’ll try to enclose that outdoor space in the winter?

  • Anonymous

    So is it open for business now?

  • Anonymous

    1. awesome
    2. i love the simple menu
    3. i love the rounded off pricing once tax is included!
    4. fuck, $7 for a bells?
    5. too many meat centric joints opening up. i know, i know, most of ya’ll don’t care about that.
    6. still, awesome. awesome. awesome.

    • Kev29

      Are you saying that Bell’s Two Hearted price is high or low? It looks about normal to me for that neck of the woods. $6 for Scrimshaw Pils and a nice Schwarzbier sounds good to me!

      • Anonymous

        i was thinking high. maybe i’m an idiot. i know this is a new place and they need to make money.

        • Kev29

          It’s $6 at Churchkey and The Big Hunt – so .37 more at this new place.

  • Has anyone actually tried the food at this place? I live a block away and passed by the place several times over the weekend. I saw big crowds outside both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Looking at the tables, I saw lots of beer mugs, very little food. And when I asked one of the staff Saturday if the food was available for carryout (if I have to eat it outside anyhow, I may as well do so on my own patio), I was told fairly cryptically “not yet.”

    • Dawn

      I had the Tray- it was AWESOME. The food is tasty and def recommended.

  • bloom

    looks like a lovely concept, would like to have seen them buy some greenery from the Garden District

  • sunsquashed

    We ended up here after every other place on U street we wanted to go was packed on Sat night (we needed a quick bite before The Ex show). We both liked it. Decent beer on tap, big outdoor communal picnic tables, and greasy (but good) food. The NC style BBQ was good, but could have used more spice and smokey flavor (and this is coming from a NC native). The kitchen was backed up pretty badly and our food took a long time to come out. I assume these sorts of things will be smoothed out in time. The waitress was super nice about the hold up, apologized and updated us a couple of times, then took a couple of beers off our check. Plus, we still made it to the Black Cat on time. The communal tables (and some loud talkers) provided some very amusing/weird conversations to eavesdrop on. My major suggestion would be to put some vegetarian options on the menu, or at least a few things that are less heart attack inducing. We thought Standard did a great job with the limited space they have, and I bet they will do very well (as long as it doesn’t rain).

    • Mony

      Any inside seating?

      • Anonymous

        There are about 10 or so bar stools inside, but not much room. The outside area is the place to be and with nice weather this place is great. I’m planning on going back this Friday with the 75° temps. They have a HUGE heater outside that does a good job keeping the half closer to the wall warm when it’s cold out.

  • Amazing outdoor space? Reminds me of a prison yard. Hopefully the food makes up the difference.

  • Nice Marmot

    Beautiful bar and tap tower. I want one of those in my living room.

  • Wong Tong

    walked by here the other week and saw people inside doing what looked like a beer tasting. looks like a great venture (though w/the semi-bavarian theme, thought there might be some semi-bavarian food too). they better keep an eye on their barware if you know what Wong Tong means…

    • Wong Tong

      never thee mind, they gots the brats!

  • sully

    glad this place is on 14th st and not h. i went with a group of friends on friday night. always excited to see two hearted on tap. i left my credit card and went back saturday and ended up staying there all day (not my initial plan)…good bbq, great outdoor space, and the owners are awesome. this place will definitely become a neighborhood staple, only problem it that it’s gonna be hard to find a table once the word gets out.

  • Kev29

    Reminds me a bit of the Gowanus Yacht Club in Brooklyn


    • sunsquashed

      Woah, woah, woah, lets not go overboard now. Gowanus Yacht club is much much funkier than Standard…and by funkier, I mean the bathrooms. There was also far too much space at Standard to make it directly comparable. The food at Standard is also far superior, and by superior I mean edible. It remains to be seen whether Standard will be open for a longer season than the Yacht club. I certainly hope so.

      • Kev29

        Of course. I just meant the lot size and mostly outdoor space – with a German friendly beer list and ‘backyard’ food. GYC is far grungier.

  • Another BBQ place? Cool, except I have not had a chance to try the one on V Street yet. The first 70+ degree evening U/14th streets will be packed. Spring / Summer 2011 U Street officially becomes Adams Morgan East.

  • fz

    do they really need a fence that high? it’d look a lot nicer with a lower fence.

    • Adam

      The fence is a holdover from when the space was the Garden District.

  • Ray Charles is Gone

    quick recommendation: this place needs to offer a glass boot. if we’re sharing tables, we might as well share a glass boot, to boot.

    • Anonymous


  • KK

    I’d be there in a minute if there were more vegetarian options than a $7 grilled cheese.

    • Nice Marmot

      How many $10-12 salads have you had at upscale fast food places like Sweetgreen, Chop’t, etc?

      This has kind of become my pet peeve of the week, but I’m sick of hearing vegetarians complain about the lack of vegetarian options at a BBQ place.

      • Anonymous

        i hope you feel better soon dear.

  • Dan

    Great job and best of luck to all who opened Standard 14.

  • petvet

    This place rules. period. the service is so friendly it’s almost shocking in this city. if somehow I could save a table here all summer…

    agree with the glass boot idea, that would be awesome.

  • Amy

    Second the request for some veggie options … vegetable kebab, grilled tofu, portabello cap? Would not be expensive and would cause me to come eat often. Sad that Hill Country BBQ also has no veggie entrees, only sides. Not that I’m complaining about ordering mac n cheese and collards …

    I guess when I became a vegetarian, I gave up the right to enjoy good BBQ out of my house. Sigh. Glad to hear others are a little disappointed as well. Maybe some options will get added onto the menu when summer comes.

    • Dan

      +1 from a meat-eater on a meat-eating hiatus.

    • Kev29

      If the collard greens are vegetarian, then they’re not doing em right

    • Marcus Aurelius

      “I guess when I became a vegetarian, I gave up the right to enjoy good BBQ out of my house.”

      -Pretty much. BBQ cooking is not really conducive to vegetarian dishes. The veggie options I have seen at restaurants are usually limited to grilled vegetables or tofu with BBQ sauce slapped on. Not sure why anyone would pay restaurant prices for those dishes.
      Doesn’t bother me because I am a carnivore but I know a lot of vegetarians.

  • Anonymous

    this is great I hope they tent it and heat it in the winter so it can be a 12 month thing.

  • jacob

    Wow, this place looks amazing. I’m gonna drive down from NYC next weekend to give it a try. I bet the owner is a cool guy, too. So excited!

  • guest

    i ate there it was good, though not super filling. the onion rings were home made which were awesome. They were out of the beans and the german potato salad. the server was super friendly, and other than the semi-homophobic conversation nice to me which i overheard, the people were nice too.

    it will be packed. just like ice company.

  • mikeb

    Looks they ripped off the idea, design, menu, pretty much everything from the guys at American Ice Company. I hope they have a good lawyer. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but a mere 6 blocks away is pretty shameful.

  • Brian

    MikeB….It’s been in “the works” for a while…


  • Timothy hayseed

    The guy behind this new venture is incredibly talented. It will almost certainly be THE Place to eat drink and be merry on 14th St — Truly a great destination in the D.C. community.

  • Scot on S

    How about a simple house red and a white? I’ve got a bunch of Bonne Maman jam jars they could use – or even some small Mason jars. And – run a hose with spigot from Cork’s great collection of vino. Welcome to the neighborhood.


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