McPherson Square 2.0

by Prince Of Petworth — March 3, 2011 at 10:02 pm 13 Comments

Back in July the whole area was fenced off and a reader wrote that:

“Rehabilitation of McPherson Square: This includes but is not limited to replacing all the sidewalks in the interior of the park, replacing concrete curbing, re-setting historic granite curbs, removing lead paint from decorative fence, re-painting decorative fence, removing one Chinese Elm tree, re-grading portions of the site, replacing the benches and trash receptacles with new, installing post and chain at all corners and along sidewalks with the greatest impacts from foot traffic, replacing the streetlight system along the interior sidewalks, replacing the sod, replacing drinking fountains with handicapped accessible models, and relocating the electric supply access from the street to the interior of the park.”

Looking good. Here it is from July:

Though now nearby Franklin Square remains far more crowded:

  • Anon

    I love the fact Franklin has people in it, why though?

  • Shaun

    I give it 2 weeks before the homeless return and use it as their personal bathroom and sleeping quarters

    • FD


    • Anon

      Too bad their using the park and not Franklin Shelter. Another moment to ponder Fenty’s legacy.

      • Jaynuze

        I vote we send them to your house buddy …

        • YuppieHell

          Since you’re so self righteous how about you take them in or is your conscious clear because you worked in a soup kitchen over Thanksgiving.

        • carbs for all


  • Angry Parakeet

    So it was ok to use a magestic historical building that was in total disrepair as a shelter, surely bringing it to ruination? At least now it is closed and awaiting better use. Fenty’s homeless program has placed many in stable housing. And even when it was a shelter, the homeless spent the days in the park, awaiting the feeding trucks that arrive at 4:00. And then they throw a bunch of that food to the approx. 60 resident ducks which are also very destructive to grass.

    • YuppieHell

      don’t get me started about the ducks and the piegons. You can’t walk on the sidewalks because some dipshit wants to feed those flying rats.

  • YuppieHell

    The homeless totally over run this park. I just don’t understand why they don’t go to their homes and sleep. All jokes aside this is nice park but the homeless claim the benches with their crap. Then around 5:30pm or so the food delievery truck comes around and the homeless leave the styrofoam plates all over the place.

  • I’ve worked right next door to the Franklin school and square for the last six years. Lots and lots of homeless men and women, whether or not the school is serving as an emergency shelter. The city needs to find a way to build a permanent homeless shelter somewhere adjacent to, but not in, downtown. Tall order, I know, but encamping the homeless in a park in the middle of a downtown business district is ridiculous.

  • logan

    The square looks nicer but all they really did was put down plain old boring cement again, new sod, and benches. Why doesn’t the Park Service do something a little more grand like pavers or something unique for the walkways and perhaps some nicer beds of shrubs, flowers, etc. The circle surrounding the statue has boring old grass around it again. No ground covers, flowers, nothing!! DC’s parks are so much nicer than the Feds. I wish the Feds would give DC control over Malcom X, Stanton, and the cirlces. These are really our parks and are in areas that are all residential. I don’t care as much about Faragut and McPherson because very few people really live there but the Feds pretty much wasted their money on this re-do.

  • The benches are a few inches too small – they’re fine for those who are sitting next to someone they know, but they’re super-awk for those who don’t want to snuggle up to a stranger while they’re eating their lunch.

    Just go, watch, observe. You’ll see a failed design.

    Perhaps they just didn’t want people sleeping on them. Still, a missed opportunity.


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