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PoPville PSA – Report Aggressive Driving

Photo by PoPville flickr user zxgirl

“Dear PoP,

This morning I had a blood-pressure-raising drive to work. I usually take the Metro, so driving is a treat for me as it cuts my commute time in half. I jumped onto Rock Creek Parkway and was targeted by some d-bag in a light blue sportscar. He proceeded to tailgate me, cut me off then slam on the breaks, stop in the middle of fast-paced Rock Creek Parkway at 7:15am in the morning–just a real jerk–and it felt like he was targeting me, from DC to Virginia. I made a mental snapshot of the description of his car and plate number (Maryland driver, obviously), and jumped online when I got to work. Turns out, Maryland, DC, and Virginia have a safe driving campaign called Smooth Operator. It tells you to call #77 — did that and reported this guy. Since the trooper didn’t see this incident, I’d have to go to court, get subpoenas and all that jazz (the last thing I need is to be a witness and have this guy target me again, but I don’t want him to do this to other people).

So, because he’s got Maryland tags, and the incidents occurred in DC and Virginia, I’m not sure where to turn next. I’m worried that this guy’s aggression is going to hurt someone–just this morning he nearly caused 3 accidents.

If anything, be safe out there and call #77 if you spot an aggressive driver. Those Maryland drivers are batsh*t crazy.”

Anyone ever have success reporting dangerous aggressive driving?

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