Washington, DC

A friend of mine is gonna kill me for posting this question because he thinks this a million dollar idea and wants to open one himself. Nevertheless a fun Friday Question of the Day will always trump my personal friendships… I was also psyched to find another really interesting fact from the cultural heritage trail in Mt. Pleasant (pictured above). It mentioned that there was a country bar located at 1419 Irving St, NW in Columbia Heights (that later became a rock bar) called the Starlite Restaurant. Coincidentally, It turns out that there is currently a vacant retail space in DCUSA in nearly that exact same address (next to the IHOP). Could a country music bar be reborn here?

And in general what do you guys think – are there enough country music fans to support a country bar in DC? If so, what neighborhood do you think would best support one?

Are there any other “specialty bars” missing from DC that would do well here? I’d also vote for and support a good old regular bowling alley.


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