Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I am deciding between a Green Roof and a Conventional Deck for a roof top space that I have. It is a good fit build wise for either, i.e. easy roof top access, flat roof etc. A green roof will run a bit more in cost and will require upkeep although there is a potential rebate from DC for installing a green roof. My concern is what a future owner may think of a green roof that they have to keep up as opposed to a conventional deck that they use as they wish. There appear to be a lot of hoops one must go through to get the rebate for the green roof which is only a small percentage of the cost anyway so that which at first seemed to be a plus is not in reality. What do the readers think would be more enjoyment of outdoor space, and a better resale option for the future, green roof or roof deck?”

Can’t you have both – like this one? What do you guys think is best for resale?


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