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“Dear PoP,

The issues with these dogs have been going on for months… and no one seems to have the courage to actually take the dogs away. I’m pro-dog, pro-pet, but this is not responsible dog-ownership. It’s amazing that the city has no means to deal with repeat offenders before we have a crisis.

Shared on several NE listservs

A female was just attacked by 3 pit bulls in the alley near my house parallel to 22nd St NE between Otis and Perry. Fortunately some brave souls came to help her as I’m pregnant and just hearing her screams gave me contractions so I would not have been any help if I made it outside and would have gone into labor – All I did was call 911.

I’m not sure who it was, but the ambulance came and the emt’s are knocking on doors on 22nd to help the victim. If you know anything – or if it was you and we can help – please let us know.

As for everyone else please be vigilant and be careful. These pit bulls are from the 2200 block of Otis St NE. They have been out terrorizing the neighborhood way too often.

My complaints to the police and animal control have been ignored. We have too many small children at risk.
Please help before someone else gets hurt.”


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