Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoP,

Living in DC, friends and family come to visit all the time. I enjoy taking them to museums, but I find myself always going to the same exhibits. Several years ago, I was living in Paris, and my art history professor made a kind of treasure hunt in the Louvre where each step led you to a new piece of artwork and a new set of clues. It was pretty much the most fun I’ve ever had in a museum, and I’d like to do a similar version across the entire Mall. Instead of just using all the most famous exhibits, I’d like to find quirkier and less-visited things to add to the list. I have my own favorite spots in each Smithsonian, but I’d love to hear some of your readers’ favorite things to see.”

This sounds like a really fun idea. Back in Sept. we talked about some of our favorite museums. But specific to the question, what Smithsonian exhibits do you guys think would make for good clues for a scavenger hunt?


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