Yup, It Snowed – DC Gov’t and Schools Closed, Feds Open 2 Hrs Late but for the lucky ones Meridian Pint Open and Breakfast All Day at Kramerbooks

Photo by PoPville flickr user Columbia Heights Climber

So what’s the verdict?  Have you guys experienced many trees down, wires down, power outages etc?

For those that have to work – how was your commute?

For those that don’t – how are you gonna take advantage of your snow day?

Following are a few emails from DC Gov’t and agencies.

From MPD:

In addition to, at least, $375 in fines for being towed from Snow Emergency Routes, Channel 4 is also reporting $100 fines for cars parked in Rush Hour Routes between the hours of 7am and 930am today and the evening Rush Hour of 4pm and 630pm.

Again: Avoid Snow Emergency Routes & Rush Hour Parking!

If your car is towed, call: 202-541-6083

Locate Towed Vehicle: here.

Snow Emergency Towing Policy:

WMATA writes:

“Metrorail service will open at its usual time and Metrobuses will begin the day on snow emergency routes, with plans to return to as many neighborhood streets as possible as those roads are plowed and conditions improve to the point that it is safe to travel.”

From Meridian Pint (11th and Park Rd, NW):

“In celebration of this wonderful snow day, Meridian Pint will open at 10am with an amazing surprise line up of beers that include 15 beers over 10% and 4 beers over 9%. I know it’s irresponsible of us but c’mon, it’s a snow day in DC. We had originally been planning our opening around the Federal Governments opening/closing but when they let us down by opening 2 hours late, we decided to cut them out of the deal. Beer Director Sam has been in since 7am prepping the beer lines. WE OPEN TODAY, THURSDAY, JANUARY 27 AT 10am!”

From Kramerbooks (1517 Conn. Avenue, NW):

“Thurs., Jan. 27, we will be serving these Snow Day Breakfast Specials all day:

Banana French Toast
Pan-fried Italian bread soaked in egg batter
stuffed w/sliced banana
w/scrambled eggs & hickory bacon
warmed walnut syrup; fruit compote

Café Corned Beef Hash & Eggs
Café corned beef hash crusted under the broiler
(corned beef, onions, potatoes)
topped w/2 eggs – almost any style
finished w/hollandaise; Café potatoes & fresh fruit

Café Croque Madame – A Variation
(May add jumbo lump crab meat, or add lobster meat)
shaved ham, gruyere cheese, hollandaise
on grilled Café bread; fired under the broiler
w/two eggs — almost any style
Café potatoes, fresh fruit”

Photo by PoPville flickr user ianseanlivingston

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