ARRA Greening Initiative Comes to Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth January 30, 2011 at 10:04 pm 8 Comments

“Dear PoP,

Just walked by this long vacant place on Irving between 13th and 14th and noticed they’re spending some stimulus money on it. I’ve long wondered what the city had planned for it, but this doesn’t offer much insight.”

I also was pretty excited to see this sign at 1334 Irving St, NW. Anyone see these signs in front of any other dilapidated houses around town? Anyone know more about the plans for 1334 Irving?

  • JD

    Not TARP. ARRA. Totally different.

    TARP = Bank “bailouts”, mostly. Passed under Bush. ARRA = “stimulus” (tax cuts and spending) package. Passed under Obama.

    /Fussy DC bureaucratic nitpicking.

  • andy

    saw a very similar sign on Webster just west of 15th (nw)

    • Sleepy

      Also saw a sign on a house at Varnum and 2nd NW

  • cookietime420

    Wow, I looked on the DCHA and HUD web sites and there’s effectively nothing on a “greening initiative.” I believe this house has been abandoned for some time so what could they do? Renovate it and then what? Make it public housing?

  • victoria

    I could find nothing on DCHA or ARRA or dc gov. websites. I have seen some signs of activity in the back yard – a porta-potty and a bit of clean-up. It used to be a very derelict sort of a group-house – though never supervised – more like a flop-house share for 5-6 dubious men.

    It would have been nice for the immediate neighbors to receive at least some info on what is planned.

  • JD

    If it’s HUD ARRA money, it’s almost certainly one of the following two programs:

    (for Project-Based Section 8 properties)


    (“Category Four” of this program covers public housing green retrofits)

  • Rayful Edmond

    This is certainly not a GRP project. Those funds were dried up last September.

    DCHA is not administering anymore Section 8 vouchers, so that’s out of the question.

  • Swervin on Irvin

    Would’ve been nice if they’d also worked on clearing ice from the sidewalk in front of this house while greening.


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