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Shooting Reported at 100 Block of Ingraham St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth January 24, 2011 at 11:10 am 22 Comments

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On the heels of last night’s double shooting murder on the 6000 block of New Hampshire Ave, NE comes more bad news from nearby. @DCfireems reports Monday morning at 10:55am on twitter:

“shooting – 100 blk Ingraham St NW”

More info as it becomes available.

Update 11:32am: Looks like no victim was found, from @dcfireems:

“update – Ingraham St NW – no transport (presuambly nothing found)”

Comments (22)

  1. That’s my block!

  2. seems there’s a war going on. anyone know the origins?

  3. KTK vs BEKS vs NERO vs RCC6400 vs Hilltop vs all of em. Criminy, the town is run by little Gs, esteemed graduates of DYRS.

  4. I THINK you’re joking.. but I can’t really tell… so I will just say that KTK, BEKS, NERO, CHE, MOE, STAMP, etc are not gang tags ;)

  5. You left out BORF.

  6. Right, crew tags or expressions of love from our neighbors.

  7. Our local flavor can be found at the NH Ave Shop-Rite. Right near where that guy was shooting at that cop…and that other guy got caught testing guns in the graveyard…It’s near 3rd and decatur…delafield etc.

    There are two guys in rotation near the liquor store sporting “Bloods” attire on occasion (Those are the ones who wear red right?). They seem to spend ALOT of time almost every single day, between 3PM and 9PM washing their clothes at the laundromat. The local clients (regulars) LOVE the location because its near a bus-stop, has a liquor store, is in walking distance to the metro AND has a bloated, fetid bodega all right there! Moreover…MPD doesn’t give a shit about this particular location (and they won’t until someone gets shot in the parking lot.)

    I can’t say for certain but our 300 block of Decatur – Delafield is ALL fucked up, as is the 100 block of Farragut and the 100 block of rock creek church…also the whole stretch of new hampshire that lines the graveyard…

  8. are you certain the cops don’t care? have you talked to them personally? if that is the case and they still don’t care, call the commander. they need hard evidence to convict, and until they have it, busts don’t do anything. thy will need to set up a surveillance, and wouldn’t talk about it, if they have already done so.

  9. This is par for the course…This is how it will always be. Petty, small-minded, uneducated people… content to earn less than minimum-wage doing the devils work. Don’t feel too bad for them though, when you pay your taxes they’ll receive a healthy share.

    You didn’t know that D.C. is subsidizing the drug-trade?

  10. how do you know anything about the victim?

  11. DCfireems just reported that no victim was found:

    “update – Ingraham St NW – no transport (presuambly nothing found”

  12. Are you kidding me? I live right around the corner from there. It’s a nice block with lots of peaceful long-time residents living on it. I don’t know what is going on in our area lately.

  13. As the old gangsters say, “we don’t spray paint, we just spray bullets”

    New turf war since MPDC has decided to try to shut down their operations on Georgia and Allison?

    Or just our resident serial murderer walking the streets during the daytime again.

  14. I live in this area. The neighborhood is generally very quiet (at least since almost all the houses with troubled teens have turned over and are now occupied by responsible people) and has a diverse mix of long-time owners and younger gentrifiers of all races. Unfortunately, there is some overflow from Kennedy St. that ends up crossing through our ‘hood and that traffic occasionally brings trouble with it.

    Glad to hear no one was hurt.

  15. Theres a lot of undercover criminal and drug activity in that area that most of y’all aren’t aware of. This incident doesn’t shock or surprise one bit. But of course people will try to make neighborhood seem like its dangerous now because it got its first two homicides in like YEARS.

  16. ***Correction, take out the homicide part I was thinking about the Riggs Park shooting.

  17. You are right that this is mostly a safe area if you mind your own business. The weed dealers are kind of hard to miss though.

    It is amazing to drive by on a soccer Saturday morning and see the difference. (Sometimes the secret service is even around).

  18. Can you be more specific?

  19. Sorry, my post was for Shadow Inc- what’s the undercover criminal activity?

  20. In other news, not sure why PoP hasnt covered it, armed robbery at 3rd and Upshur. 3 guys, 2 with guns, robbed 2 people at 630pm on Sunday. one of the victims was lucky enough to get punched in the face after turning over the goods (jacket, cell phone, wallet).

    From: “Whiteside, Michael (MPD)”
    > Date: January 23, 2011 10:24:08 PM EST
    > To: “[email protected]
    > Subject: [MPD-4D] Robbery @ 4212 3rd St., NW
    > Reply-To: [email protected]

    > At 6:30 PM, C-1 and C-2 were approached by 3 suspects. S-1 and S-2 each produced handguns and demanded money, cellphone, and coats. S-1 struck C-1 in the face. C-1 sustained a bruise to the facial area. The suspects fled into the alley.
    > Lookouts:
    > S-1 = BM, 19-20yr, 5’10”, 150lb, dreads, dark complexion, beard, black coat, blue pants, gray shirt —Armed w/ handgun
    > S-2 = BM, 17-19yr, 5’10”, 150lb, short hair, medium complexion, brown coat, black pants —Armed w/ handgun
    > S-3 = BM, 130-140lb, dark complexion, thin build, black coat and pants


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