Washington, DC

I’ll admit straight away that I don’t know a lot about the SW-Waterfront area. But after walking around a bit this weekend – well, stay tuned for lots of cool history/buildings and more. And straight away coming out of the metro (one stop after L’Enfant Plaza on the green line) you’ll see two very new buildings. One of them has a killer new Safeway and in the other one there will soon be a new American Bistro called Station 4. Though, peeking in the window it looked like a good deal of construction still needed to be completed on the space but when it’s finished according to a liquor license application out front, it will be a:

“New Restaurant. American Bistro. Entertainment with DJ music or band (maximum 4 pieces) dancing. Summer Garden with 70 seats”

And after walking around the neighborhood a bit, it certainly seems like the area will benefit from a new restaurant. More info when construction comes closer to completion.

Here’s a quick look at the whole building:


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