Washington, DC

Yesterday, a reader named Jonathan wrote to let me know about this article concerning some amateur vigilante “superheroes” that were sprouting up in Seattle. Basically, these well-intentioned-but-seriously-unwise folks are lucky to be alive, but their misplaced earnestness got me thinking…

Shouldn’t DC have a superhero?

Sure, you all now have a Lord of Petworth, but I’m talking about a superhero.

I’m not talking about this amateur stuff–I mean the real deal. New York seems to bogart all the well-known characters, but DC has tall building to bound. We have daily newspapers that can offer day jobs to help disguise their identities. We have skyscrapers to sling from (okay we don’t, but still…).

And we definitely have evildoers in need to a hard dose of justice.

So, let’s invent our own.

So tell me. If you could imagine a superhero for DC, what would he/she be called? What superpowers would they possess?


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