Washington, DC

I don’t know if this should be a horse’s ass award because I’m really grateful that the amazing Toulouse-Lautrec mural has been preserved. According to Cultural Tourism DC:

“This portrait of cabaret singer Aristide Bruant by fin-de-siécle Parisian artist Toulouse-Lautrec has presided over the night life of Adams Morgan for 20 years. The mural was painted from a photograph by the restaurant’s original owner, André Neveux. Although Neveux considered himself only an amateur, the image has entranced pedestrians and lured diners throughout several changes in the club’s ownership. ”

Having noted that, it does seem like the space has been vacant for ages. Anyone know how long? At one point I heard a restaurant was going in but then I haven’t heard anything in a while. What’s the word on this great building?


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