Washington, DC

We first learned about Yola, coming to 1323 Connecticut Ave, NW back in late August. I’m happy to report that they’ll be open for business on Monday. Co-owner Laura Smith was kind enough to give me a quick tour earlier in the week. From Yola’s Web site:

“Co-founders David and Laura, both longtime D.C. residents, are a father-daughter team. The idea for Yola came up during a family dinner in 2009. Laura had seen a similar concept in Europe and wondered why D.C. didn’t have anything like it. David and Laura put their heads together and a year and a half later, Yola was born.”

Their menu is “a combination of tasty seasonal ingredients backed up by an ever-reliable supply of superfoods and organic supplements.” They offer yogurt parfaits with unlimited toppings, smoothies, tea and coffee and eventually some grab and go sandwiches. A regular fresh yogurt is $4.25 and a large is $5.50.

The space is very comfortable and much larger than I thought it would be based on the size of the storefront.

More photos after the jump.

Co-owner Laura Smith


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