Washington, DC

Well, I’ve dreaded this moment but it’s time to come clean – I’m gonna be off-line next week. I have pre-loaded some posts for next week so you shouldn’t experience House of the Day withdrawal. You may, however, experience some afternoon animal fix and/or good deal or not? withdrawal, if the shakes get too bad, I recommend revisiting the animal fix archives here and GDoN archives here.

And I’m super fortunate and grateful to say that my good friend, author, occasional PoP contributorand, Petworth resident Eric Nuzum, will be helming the ship later next week. Thanks Eric!

So next week’s posting schedule may be a bit irregular. I also may not be able to get to your questions right away but rest assured they’ll still go into the queue to be answered the following week. For those commenting, I won’t be as involved so don’t kill each other. Also if you get caught in a comment “awaiting moderation” I apologize in advance! Try not to put more than one link in a comment and hopefully it won’t be too much of a pain.

In some of my pre-loaded posts, I’m sure I may have some spelling errors. I apologize in advance. Hell, I might as well take this opportunity to apologize to whomever I (or definitely Eric) will somehow offend in the coming week. I am deeply sorry.

So thanks again to Eric, please don’t kill each other, and the regular posting schedule will return Jan. 9th.

Thanks for understanding!

Ed. Note: I honestly found this bumper sticker pictured above on a door last weekend in Petworth. My last vacation was in Sept. ’06 to Peru this time I’m hitting the beach.


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