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  • Stephanie

    Oh you fancy huh?

    • tballer


  • Kev29

    Nice – but lads should pay attention while walking past. Could lead to a painful groin accident if you’re staring up at the stars.

  • JenDC

    Love them! And am grateful to PoP for the initial heads up when this place opened, we love their coffee.

  • pru

    Love it!

  • Anonymous

    I really like them. Love the design and the color.

    Are they functional? Maybe these racks are only meant to hold 2 or 3 bikes.

  • jim

    Agreed. I live close by and love Filter, but those things are really right in the middle of the (admittedly large) sidewalk. A little close to the road would have been preferable.

  • andy

    do you need permits for items such as these?


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