Washington, DC

A lot more info came out today on what was once scuttlebutt here back in early August. Today, Washingtonian’s Todd Kliman got details:

“I just this second hung up the phone with Michael Landrum, the iconoclastic restaurateur who operates Ray’s the Steaks and Ray’s Hell Burger. Landrum has big news on this chilly Election Day morning: an announcement of a new coffeehouse venture.

“Not only can I confirm that we signed a lease at CIty Vista, but we actually — believe it or not — have already begun construction on an urban bakeshop/cafe called Ryse, which is built to extend the impact that Ray’s the Steaks in East River has had in that community. It will be a modern streamlined mainstream coffeeshop with salads, fresh-made sandwiches, and possibly frozen yogurt.”

Does this sound like it’ll be a good addition to Mt. Vernon Square?


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