Rock Creek Park’s riverside path at Adams Mill will reopen Saturday morning

by Prince Of Petworth November 19, 2010 at 10:02 am 6 Comments

Thanks to Wayan for sending the news:

“Happiness awaits weekend walkers, runners, and cyclists in Rock Creek Park. The trail that follows Rock Creek at Adams Mill will reopen tomorrow after a several month renovation. From the looks of it now, it should be a great addition for park recreation.”

  • a neighbor

    NOW all we need is a trail that goes down Piney Branch Parkway, connecting Arkansas Ave and Beach Drive, so that folks in 14th Street Heigths, Columbia Heights and Petworth will have a safe means of accessing the trails network in the park!

    NPS has promised this for YEARS and yet nothing has happened. The current narrow dirt trail next to Piney Branch is more dangerous than it is useful.

    Why we can’t connect the longest section of bike lanes in the city (14th St NW) to the park is a perplexing and frustrating question!

    • LJG


    • dreas

      Yes, definitely!

  • chadwicksaid

    so, where exactly is this trail? Is this connected to the zoo research center on the hill near Adams Mill? Sorry I’m just having a hard time visualizing where this trail is located.

  • victoria

    It is actually near Peirce Mill, where the whole area is under renovation. It is just a small section of the trail that goes under Tilden St.

  • Woops, Victoria is right, this is Peirce Mill, not Adams Mill. Sorry about that.

    Though I have to disagree with a neighbour. I live in Petworth and run through Rock Creek all the time (hence the photo above) and find the current dirt path to be quite sufficient.


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