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Re-Judging Restaurants – 1905

by Prince Of Petworth November 10, 2010 at 12:00 pm 23 Comments

From time to time, I’m going to revisit some restaurants when I start hearing mixed reviews and/or it’s been a while since we last looked at the space. We last judged 1905, located at 1905 9th Street, NW, back in Jan. ’09. At the time reviews were mostly positive. Lately I’ve been hearing less than glowing reviews. Has the menu changed significantly? You can see their menu here. So what’s the word – is this still a good spot?

  • 11th and Irving

    I love it here! I had dinner here a few weeks ago and had scallops on top of a root vegetable puree and it was incredible.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve actually heard it’s gotten better?

  • Shaw Parent

    I haven’t been in a while, but I want to give props to the owner, who is always engaging/supporting the local neighborhood association. More people should do so.

  • HenrysMom

    Have been here a couple times over the last few months and it’s been absolutely terrific – great food, great service. It’s becoming a new favorite for a fancy-ish nice out.

  • fl

    Are you kidding? This place is amazing. Whether you go for half price burger night, opt for a full price entree or get their weekend brunch, I’ve never been disappointed. Sometimes the service is slow, but it’s always very friendly. I am a HUGE fan and always recommend it to people.

  • LOVE. I dream of thier tuna tartar app.

  • Cafecreme

    The food there is good – but not outstanding. Service is very friendly and overall a plus.

  • Rich

    I love the atmosphere. It’s a lot like Medieval Times, minus the show and the medieval part. Think Medieval Times, but in the early 1900s, if that makes sense.

    Great burgers, too.

  • Jon

    Perhaps I went before the change, but my experience was not good at all. Had some ravioli dish that was pretty much overcooked pasta drenched in a soup of what tasted like Ragu sauce.

    I’m not a huge fan of tuna tartare to begin with, but their version put the ‘eh’ in ‘meh’

  • Emily

    Went there back in July — had crabcakes that were to. die. for. Excited for the Beaujolais party next week, too!

  • Robert B.

    Absolutely love it. The tuna tartare is great, so is the lamb and the burger…and don’t forget about the delicious brunch

  • dues

    I’ve been there twice and both times were amazing. Just had the duck breast last weekend; best duck I’ve had in my life. Granted, I don’t get duck much, but still. It was a perfect dinner for a chilly fall night.

  • westminster

    i live in the neighborhood and have watched the place change drastically over the past year. from inconsistent, mediocre food, to some of the most consistently delicious food i’ve had in the city. their new fall menu is to die for! full package of food, service, atmosphere. and living in the neighborhood, i agree with Shaw Parent..the owner is very proactive about community outreach and supporting everything local, which makes it all the better!

  • anonymous

    hhhm, maybe i just ordered badly saturday night. ok so tofu is hard to do well but it was just plain odd. the spanakopita was ok, but just ok like i could have cooked it myself ok (and frankly thats not saying much). have been there a couple of times before and i find it quite inconsistent and at the price point i want more than inconsistent.

  • Liz

    I live in the neighborhood and love 1905! As people have said one of the owners is always there and really engages with people. The food is consistently good. I’ve been there on off nights, but I go enough to know that 90% of the time you will have great food. My recommendations are the tuna tartare, lamb tacos, beet salad, everything at brunch and the hush puppies.

  • Lester

    Big fan of the blue corn hush puppy appetizer. Definitely a different experience in the U St. neighborhood.

  • Alejandro

    LOVE the scallops, and cheap lamb tacos on tuesdays. can’t wait for the rooftop deck to open in the spring.

  • tanya

    I work nights, so I haven’t made it over for dinner, but the brunch at 1905 is a long time favorite. Bottomless mimosas and the best bacon in DC!

  • Ed

    I ate there last night for the first time, and will definitely return! The lobster meatballs were fantastic, as were the crabcakes. My wife’s beef tenderloin special was delicious as well.

  • CIC

    We love 1905! The scallops are a favorite dish but the hamburger and crab cakes are also equally fabulous. It’s not a wide ranging menu but they do it well. It’s definitely a neighborhood favorite and we love taking our NY friends and family there when they visit.

  • Chris on Seaton

    We go almost on a weekly basis. The scallops and the tuna are my favorites. Its a great unique space to bring out of towners for dinner. I only wish the bar was larger and the menu expands. Staff is very friendly and we always leave smiling.

  • bob

    I am not kidding when I say that this place does, in fact, have the best bacon in DC. It is so good that it actually angers me that no other restaurants in DC have bacon this good. If I were reading this, I would think “seriously? how can one bacon be that much better than others?”. Trust me, it is not only noticably better, but so good it will knock your socks off. Their brunch in general is TO DIE FOR, but if you don’t order something that comes with bacon, make sure you get a side of it.

  • MElikeDC

    Been there several times and great, fresh tasting food. Sometimes they have run out of a dish, but I see that as an indicator they don’t overstock their kitchen and when it’s gone…it’s gone! Also great New Orleans style jazz band was an added plus to the overall experience.


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