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  • Ocoee

    While politics may be a dog and pony show, on election day things get a little more serious.

  • MichelleRD

    I’ll look one more time down this block and then we’re going home. No way I’m paying $16 for garage parking.

  • WDC

    Can’t believe they wouldn’t let me on metro… Sally’s smaller than the strollers AND quieter than the kids in ’em.

  • bland

    if this doesn’t get me on Prince of Petworth,you’re glue bessy, glue.

  • bland

    captains log:2025. the tea party has succeeded in knocking the United States back to “the good old days”.

  • Timmy

    The gentry has arrived!

  • Anonymous

    Since the FBI finally decided to investigate the death of Superman, it was time to bring in the prime witness.

  • bigs

    “The real horses ass award goes to…”

  • mel

    My dawgs are killin’ me. You’ll have to get down and walk, Sally.

  • Katie

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force him to vote right.

  • Jason

    After a long day of jumping the endless road contruction barriers in DC, Mr. Pickles heads home.

  • Daddy

    BR 1 Gallery Pl 2

  • Anonomi

    As part of the interview process, candidates for Metro General Manager were required to display their dedication to public transportation as a way of reducing fuel costs. Bonus points were given for promoting bio-mass.

  • Sully

    Can anyone direct me to Middleburg?

  • Darth Fabulous

    You misunderstood me: I said DC is full of political whores.

  • TG

    “Come on, get back on, I’m sorry I said those riding pants make your butt look big.”

  • TA

    The first annual walk for trans-species equality was far less successful than organizers had initially hoped for.

  • MJ

    C’mon. They said follow the white line to the starting gate. So many white lines.


    Can someone PLEASE help me find the J Street Stables?

  • DL

    Nancy Pelosi and her high horse head out of town.

  • Kardinal

    Mr. Ed Goes to Washington

  • Pete

    DC’s mayoral dark horse out hoofin’ for last minute votes.

  • UStreetGal

    Successfully forded the river. On to the Metro.

  • kidincredible

    DC Code requires you to dismount and walk your horse through the crosswalk.
    /bicycle joke

  • I promise you, for next year’s halloween, I’ll be the horse and you’ll be the rider!

  • GDopplerXT

    “If it wasn’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college.”

  • quincycyclist

    Equestrians from around DC gathered at WMATA HQ today to lobby for increased equine access on Metro.

  • mphs

    Trot, gallop, canter — whatever you call it, it’s walking, and let’s see how you like it.

  • mel

    Screw you, elephant and donkey, after Tuesday’s result, there’s a new mascot in town, and I’m strutting my stuff.

  • Jonesie

    Mayor Fenty’s final FU to the city that voted him out: horse lanes.

  • gardyloo

    [HORSE] “Oh no. I can’t believe that I’ve gotta walk nine more blocks to P.”

  • tapes

    Amateur mounted police patrol… not mounted and wearing the wrong uniform.

  • Bizness

    Taking queues from the Godfather, Vincent Grey sends Adrian Fenty a message.


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