Old Hall Bros. Funeral Home Getting Renovated in Shaw/Ledroit Park

by Prince Of Petworth November 19, 2010 at 4:00 pm 12 Comments

I’ve been keeping my eye on these properties located at 621/623 Florida Ave, NW (near the Howard theater also getting renovated) for quite a while since they are such beautiful buildings. I was happy to see serious renovations have started to take place. Anyone know what the plans are?

  • Fred “The Dorf” Dorfman


  • er

    I walked past there the other day and noticed that one of the signs was gone. Good to know what the deal is.

  • Jay’O

    Yeah, I’ve kept my eye on this place too and wondered when it might pop. Due to the violence in the neighborhood over the years, it probably had significant business and that might had contributed to how it hung on fir so long.

  • 10th st

    Ripping up that terrible green indoor/outdoor carpet would be a gigantic first step towards progress.

  • Paul

    According to DCRA (DCRA knows all) there have been no permits issued for either 621 or 619 Florida Ave. Looks like there is un-permitted work going on.

    • Anonymous

      heaven forbid.

    • QStreet

      Good for them. DCRA needs to be eviscerated. Towns 1/10th the size of DC have more competent permit offices.

    • Crin

      Not true. They have permits for 619 Florida and work looks like it matches their permits.

      They have permit #D1000158, issued 4/13/10, for “Interior demo – take down stucco, remove doors casing, baseboard. Cleanout bathrooms. Nonstructural demo onlt to pull building permit latter. No demolition of any wall or partition. Interior work only.”

      They also have permit #B1005172, issued 4/21/10, for “Doors windows replacement, casing – baseboard replace. Renovate bathriom, kitchen to replace tile, fixtures. Replace drywall and painting. Flooring – carpet tile installation. Replace HVAC unit in kind. Doors to be double wood doors similar to Millwork Vintage style. WIndows to be 1-over1 all wood to exactly fit existing openings. 3rd floor windows to have arched top sash. Transoms to remain.”

      This information was found at http://dcra.dc.gov/DC/DCRA/Permits. I used the “Check your permit status online” to find that they had permits issued in April. Then I went to “Building Permits Approved” and looked up the pdf for April to see the permit details.

  • LeDroit/Bloomingdale Resident

    Hoping to find out what is in the works. That stretch of FL Ave is going to look so different…and amazing in the next year with all the improvements. Let it SPREAD!!!!

    • Anonymous

      what’s up with the old record store? the whole building is looking great! anything moving in there?

  • WestminsterStreet

    The addresses are actually 621 and 619 Florida Ave NW (the one being renovated is 619). It was bought by the Zakat Foundation of America out of IL and I can only imagine they are renovating it to make it into an office (the property is zoned Commercial due to its past as a funeral home). The interior of this home was incredible, 6 fireplaces, pocket doors, 2 staircases, diagonally laid 1″ hardwood floors…..but was badly neglected and had excessive water damage. I looked seriously at buying it but couldn’t make the numbers work.

    • 3rdStreetDesign

      A Muslim Soup Kitchen? Whaa??


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