• Anonymous

    Looks like the work of Steve Gaia.

  • It speaks to me.

  • whoa_now

    clearly doing the “kid n play”

    • steve


  • TaylorStreetMan

    kinda creepy.

  • gardyloo

    They look like they’re being chased and are getting ready to jump off of something tall. What’s chasing them? I don’t know. Maybe Redskin fans?

  • CRC83

    I’m probably too late to this thread to get any response, but does anyone know what is up with this building? I live nearby, and I believe it’s the one right next to the Shell station, with a camera in a 2nd floor window, trained onto a mirror mounted right outside that window, which appears to be angled toward the entrance of the building. Pretty sketchy if you ask me…is there a non-nefarious explanation for this?


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