• Maire

    Finally some architecture that looks like it belongs in DC!

  • JennyK

    Love love love the more traditional look. It’s nice to see a project that deviates from the light-colored brick/concrete and exposed metal look.

  • Shaw Parent

    I live very close to here, very excited about this, but sad to learn that it’s not the whole vacant lot. Apparently part of it is owned by another developer w/o plans to move forward.

  • JohnnyReb

    Love the exterior as well! Must say, their web-site makes it difficult to find the floor plans (they’re marked 1900 upper and 1900 lower). Interior layout is a little strange…

  • Ace in DC

    Beautiful. Well done T Street Builders. Thanks for having some respect for DC and the environment you are putting your creation in.

  • Pennyworth

    So Beautiful! GAh!

  • Anonymous

    Love it! Especially in contrast to last week’s discussion about all new apartment/condo buildings looking the same.

  • Anonymous

    This is being built at, IMO, one of the most beautiful intersections in DC. As long as they keep that turret on the corner of Vermont and T so that it fits in with the rest, this area will be stunning.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe, just maybe, the urban loft style habitat was just a passing fad.

    Perhaps, if this traditional style of DC housing sells well maybe we’ll see more of it.

    Good luck to the builders and developers here.

  • MK

    I’m praying that something happens to the development at 14th and S street and these guys take over and put up a building that’s attractive and in scale with the surrounding area.

  • m

    This makes me SO HAPPY! Finally, some respectful and tasteful architectural design.

  • Anonymous

    I love how everyone is going gaga for these and saying that this is how all development in the city should be. If it were, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to buy and i know many others would be priced out of the city. These are definitely gorgeous and a wonderful addition, but the “modern loft” style that you all hate so much is the happy medium between giving a good number of people access to property in locations they want and allowing the developer to make a profit.

  • super_b

    These all look to be around 2000sq.ft. Wonder how much they’ll go for?

  • Eric

    If it’s going to look traditional, this is the way to do it! Absolutely nothing wrong with modern and contemporary architecture that provides a vivid contrast with the old, but the half-assed suburban town house designs we see all too often are terrible.

    Also, I think we can go ahead and call this a row house project rather than a town house project.


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