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Mt. Pleasant News – NANA and Mccormick paints Coming to Mt. P Street

by Prince Of Petworth November 16, 2010 at 10:37 pm 35 Comments

Thanks to a reader for sending in some interesting Mt. Pleasant news. First is word on what is coming to the old Mt. Pleasant Deli space ( closed since May ’09) at 3068 Mt. Pleasant St, NW. – NANA Clothing Boutique. They are currently located at 1528 U St, NW but will be moving to Mt. Pleasant soon. We spoke about the shop back in Aug. ’08.

And I’m happy to finally answer some reader inquiries as to what’s going on at 3124 Mt. Pleasant St, NW. It turns out that McCormick Paints will be moving from 1460 P Street NW to Mt. Pleasant in mid-2011.

Great news for Mt. Pleasant.

  • Shawn

    More like great news for logan circle

    There are one billion better uses for the corner of 15th and p than a one story paint store

  • madventures

    Yeah!!! I love NANA! such a great store and now it will be so much closer

  • Anonymous

    This might be good news for Mt P, but is it good news for NANA? I mean, I love Mt Pleasant, but it does not get the same pedestrian traffic as U street, which I would think would hurt their customer base.

  • Why

    Your kidding ? Good news…maybe for the landlords and Logan circle. Nana bad business decision…and a beautiful space that could have been a kick butt coffee shop or dare I speak the words….restaurant serving demon alcohol..in great out door space. Instead a dime a dozen paint store……will the hardware store stop selling paint now? So much for the revitalization plan.welcome to pleasant home of the big step backward…

  • anan

    I don’t think Nanas decision is a bad one. She has a customer base already that will seek her out at her new location. Which is still walking distance to all those customers and metro accessible. I’m sure she was paying quite a premium to be on Ustreet and realized that the bulk of her business was not from casual shoppers that just happened into her store but rather people who were seeking it out from word of mouth or her blog. Plus she lives in MTP. A commute to envy.
    As for the paint store… I’d welcome a paint store in MTP but yeah. What a cryin shame it’s going into that building which had so much potential to be something special. If only Jamie Leeds had put Commonwealth in that building instead of CH. The back parking lot turned into outdoor dining would have been much more serene than it is eating on Irving street. Or an Italian place with a large garden dining area out back like Roma used to have. The possibilities were endless and we got a paint store? Thank you fine Nimbys of MTP. Your war on booze has treated us well. Look forward to seeing all the contractors trucks idling in the parking lot all day. It’s bound to be a boon to the many take outs that line MTP street! Is this really the vision the MPNA has for MTP?

    • Bill

      anan, do you really believe the “fine Nimbys of MTP” had anything to do with what goes in to these vacant storefronts? How naive is that?

      It’s all driven by price of square footage, and has nothing to do with what the community wants. The Greeks who own, what is to be a paint store, has no need to contact anyone in the community.


      • Anon

        I find it hard to believe that the only people interested were retail businesses for landlords the bottom line is who will pay rent…how is the nationality of the landlords relevant ? Buy thank you so much for letting us know they are Greek!! I don’t doubt that many potential entepaneurs are put off by the perception rightly or wrongly that mt pleasant is a very hard place to start a business

      • anan

        Bill-(obviously taking issue with my comment because you are one of the nimbys.) I know the landlords dont answer to us. but I know that market forces alone would have had a sweet restaurant/bar in that space long ago if it wasnt for the MPNA and their voluntary agreements scaring everyone away. So take a bow kind sir. And load up on PAINT! you deserve it.

  • Budd Hanks

    The hardware store in Mt. Pleasant already carries paint, so having a paint store there is sort of redundant.

    But the good thing about this Nana place is that it’s one of the few businesses in the neighborhood with its own parking lot. It’s a great asset to have in such a commercially-isolated neighborhood.

    • TJ

      Well, the hardware store carries so-so paint and now we’ll have a whole store dedicated to selling so-so paint. McCormick Paints is a local biz, so I suppose that’s nice.

  • hmmm

    unfortunately it will be mostly contractors (not residents) using the paint store, so saying its redundant b/c the hardware store carries paint doesnt really make sense. what sucks more is that instead of adding foot traffic to MtP street, the paint store will likely add a lot of truck traffic to the street (and if i remember correctly, the powers that be are in the process of doing a study on how to reduce traffic on MtP street).

    I think Nana’s move is a good one for MtP, but come on, a good restaurant would be much better than a paint store for the people who choose to live there.

    but its MtP, where a few people who are afraid of responsible drinking, make it very difficult to open a business where there may be alcohol…

    • Anonymous

      If it’s mostly geared toward contractors, what it’s going to do is add a lot more of those goddamned double-parkers that Mt. Pleasant is famous for.

  • Anonymous

    yeah and there is a duron paint at 14th and euclid-ish. unless you live in mt pleasant, get a sudden hankering to paint, and have no car i don’t really see why this place is necessary. but i guess they think they’ll make money so there they are.

  • Cory

    Old School Hardware sells Mythic Paint, which is no VOC and so much more environmentally friendly than McCormick paints. Although I would have preferred to see a Yes! Organic move into that space, I’m happy to see retail move in that has the potential to draw in shoppers from outside the neighborhood. The fact that there already is a shop that sells paint does not mean that we shouldn’t have another – they sell different products and they offer competition.

    • Why

      Do you believe that people drawn to the paint store are going to hang around and shop in mt. Pleasant..that is just plain silly

      • anan

        The store will attract big dirty cargo vans and pick up trucks. In fairness I’m sure it’ll boost 7-11s business ten fold. I’d say having the paint store come to the neighborhood is actually a step back from having the building vacant. At least then the parking lot wasn’t in use and it wasn’t attracting more traffic. An Ideal new business there would have found another use for the parking lot all together. A garden store. Market. Restaurant. All would have been great. On the bright side. At least its not an Auto Zone?

  • grumpy

    the paint store isn’t very exciting but given the burnt out building across the street, I’m just happy that any business is willing to locate themselves in that vacant space. Once the Deauville and St Dennis apartment buildings are redone, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that space eventually turn into something better fitting with the neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      i’d actually be very excited to have a paint store very close to me.

      • Anonymous

        You already to. It’s called Old School Hardware.

        • Anonymous

          i said i’d be excited if a paint store opened up close to me. i dont live in mt p.

  • Anonymous

    I wish that open city, two amy’s or some other restaurant would have moved into the 3124. And I don’t think that there are people who object to restaurants in DC – but some people object to nightclubs.

    And the small area plan suggested non-retail uses for MtP Street – that is offices and such. So that the second stories would be usable as apartments (not likely if 1st floor spaces are nightclubs).

    • Anonymous

      Rumor is that the Open City/Diner folks were planning on opening a similar spot on Mt.P Street, but the hostile business environment discouraged them.

      • Anonymous

        I heard the problem was with lease negotiations. The landlords wanted an extremely high rent. But if they had tried to deal with the ANC rep for MtP street – Greg Edwards – that may have made them think twice too. Anyone who has every had a conversation with Mr. Edwards, crosses the street to avoid another.

  • Huh?

    Who said anything about nightclubs? Still with the nightclub thing……Give it a rest and move forward….

  • SSR of Mt Pleasant

    Poor McCormick Paints. Mt Pleasant probably seemed like a good location at the time, but wait til the neighbors petition DCRA to revoke their business license unless they agree to ban vehicle-driving customers and carry only free-range, organic paints in colors and finishes that don’t appeal to non-WASPS.

  • mphs

    Calormis never gave a crap about what might benefited the community. Never shoveled, never cleaned up the trash, and never recruited a restaurant or anyone else. It’s not the community, it’s the landlord who decided this is the best use. I’m sure McCormick is getting a 10 year lease, so we’ll probably see white vans and day laborers there for the next decade.

    • SSR of Mt Pleasant

      See?!? In what Soviet Absurdistan do people think it’s the right of the “community” to decide who gets to lease a property, based on the “community’s” view of what the best use of the property would be? And already a not-so-veiled reference to race (“day laborers”). Does anyone wonder why Mt. Pleasant has tanked in recent years, in terms of both commerce and diversity? Compare Mt. Pleasant to thriving areas equidistant from the Metro to the north and east, and I think it becomes evident that it is the “community” of mt. Pleasant that is to blame.

      • Anon


      • mphs

        That’s what I said. The landlord signed the tenant, not the community. Park your high horse somewhere else on someone else’s comment.

        • Anon

          Many in the “community” would throw a collective hissy fit if anything other than a boring retail store leased the space…..I’m sure restueranters considered it but backed off Thats a pretty safe bet!

  • Greg

    There’s no reason why it couldn’t be a paint store by day, and a nightclub by night!

  • m

    Good news to hear about Nana, even though I love it’s spot on U St. It’s beautiful with those floors and mantle. I hope that whoever moves into that place decides to keep those details… or maybe Nana can take the mantle her her!

  • Anonymous

    From a real estate person—This decision was economics. The rent for space at 15th & P (the very heart of the Logan Circle/Whole Foods retail area) is far more than a paint store is willing to pay. Thus the paint store had a need to look for cheaper space—and the rent in MtP probably seems like a deal compared to 15th & P.
    And from the landlord’s perspective, a tenant like McCormick’s is much more stable, and credit-worthy, than any restaurant concept, as restaurants—especially locally-owned, non-chain restaurants—are risky propositions for landlords unless they are being financed or their lease guaranteed by someone with deep pockets.
    The owners of this building are a long-time property owning family with a large portfolio. They neither live in MtP nor interact with any MtP organization, and this building is probably very low on their priority list—so they looked at filling the space based purely upon the economics and did what was most expedient and least risky for them. The best use for that site is as a small apartment or condo building (the actual building is one of the few non-historic buildings on MtP Street and could be demolished). The market right now isn’t there for that given the site development/construction costs—but in 10 years it will be. That’s what happened with the Duron paint store on the north side of 15th & P (where the Metropole is now) and is probably going to happen with the site that McCormick is vacating).

    • Anonymous

      very helpful post. thank you

  • Mike

    Ah, a paint store. Can’t wait. I’ll shop there every week. I’m sure local business will keep the place humming and there will be no addition to the already awful double parking on Mtp!


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