• Marcus Aurelius

    But can someone explain how these things get built? Do I have an absolute right to add a floor or two onto my home even if it is beyond being out of character with the rest of the homes on my block? I find that hard to believe, and troubling if it is true.

    • Anonymous

      depends on your zoning overlay. i can build an additional floor on my house as a matter of right.

  • Anonymous

    This block is kind of ugly anyway, so it’s not as tragic as it could be.

    • Angry Parakeet

      You’re right – notably dreary for Capitol Hill. Looks like Casey Trees needs to organize a mass planting there.

  • 14th St Heights

    That’s why people fight for and win historic neighborhood designations. Kind of a fascist response to ugly.

    • Crin

      Wait. “People fight for..” (I might add, through a public process replete with due process mechanisms) is the opposite of “fascist.”

  • JenDC

    I think it’s fine, don’t really get the hate.

  • Anonymous

    the block would look better if everyone did it.

    • Mike

      the block looked better before anyone attempted it.

      • Anonymous

        i live in the present, with eyes to the future.
        but, yeah, the past was fine, i guess.

  • gardyloo

    Does it have a catapult up there atop the battlement?

  • It looks funny since no one else has one but I really like the interior.

  • Steve

    It’s not so much a matter of it being the only one on the block, no, the aesthetic problem stems from its lack of harmony with the existing structure. Lines, creases, and viewpoints are all out of proportion with the underlying building.
    Oh, and “Home Depot called, they want their fixtures back.”

  • Neens

    I’ve been inside this one. It’s very glossy and slick but poor quality. Also, the extra spaces don’t really serve any purpose–it’s not like they’re bedrooms suitable for a large family. The place is very obviously not meant for children (though it would definitely become more homey and welcoming if a lively family moved in).

    Yeah, a quick rehab not worth the money.

  • Crin

    I like how the slate walk is already falling apart.

  • ET

    There is a lot of ugly here. They closed in two windows making the front look very lopsided and then the typically FAIL pop up. I wouldn’t own this house if someone paid me.


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