Judging Petworth Renovations

by Prince Of Petworth November 15, 2010 at 4:00 pm 13 Comments

I thought these were a couple of cool renovations going on in Petworth. I know not everyone likes when row houses are broken up but I think the one above on New Hampshire Ave, NW turned out pretty well. Do you like the way it turned out?

And the one below has always been a favorite of mine. According to the permit looks like it is going to be a living space instead of retail. I’d love to live there.

  • pop-up owner

    Checks Calendar… nope not april fools. PoP are you drunk? Both look terrible in my opinion.

    • SF

      Agree. These are awful.

  • Lester

    This block of row houses on NH near Grant Circle are exceptional. Long after DC is gone from the earth’s surface, I think those houses will still be there. Just solid, and they’re large with nice detail. I notice these houses go off the market fast. Would love to see one inside. Nice to see one get renovated. I’m sure it was a lot of work.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to assume an accident occurred and you posted the wrong pictures…seriously, the 2nd one looks like a corner minimart not a place to live.

  • Anonymous

    top one is boring and sad but the bottom one looks like it will be great. Would love to have a space like that to work with.

  • Anonymous

    Finally, PoP covers some local properties! Nice to have you back in the hood!

    Not sure the old store will work as living space, unless equipped with awesome patio front garden and perhaps cool roof deck. Wishing it was a nice old beer joint/pool hall for the locals!

    I saw them testing a mix of vibrant colors on the porch, and think they chose wrong, but like the fact they tried something other than the many traditional drab colors around Petworth.

  • H Street Landlord

    Feeling it – added some color without butchering original architecture.

  • dc_publius

    It would be cooler if one door was red, and the other blue. The choice is yours.

  • PetworthRes

    Top building divided into condos – haven’t sold yet as far as I know. I think they are supposed to be green LEED-certified, etc. I like the colors, curious to see what they are like on the inside.

    Bottom photo is a neighbor renovating the former store attached to her house into a studio apt. Word is years back it was a liquor store and source of a lot of trouble for the block. The neighbors got the zoning changed back to residential before it sold. This is a work in progress so I wouldn’t judge it yet. I do totally think she should build a roof deck on top of it, for herself :) (the store occupies the space that would have been her backyard)

  • andereyn

    Believe it or not, the top one is an ORIGINAL two-unit place. The subdivision added a basement apartment, but the two-door entries are not new. It was built 100 years ago as two units.

    • PetworthRes

      Interesting…I was going to say they did a very good job with adding the second door – I guess they didnt’ need to! Has anyone heard if these are going up for sale soon? I’m curious to see them. I think they should be a lot better than your average renovation.

  • Tanya

    Hello all-

    I am the owner of 4114 New Hampshire the top one with two red doors.

    Thank you for all you comments…I worked hard on color choices for the outside to brighten the facade without just painting the brown brick in it’s entirety.

    The renovation is nearly complete, and yes as PetworthRes mentioned, this is now a green building. I am on track to have the building be certified LEED Platinum. This will make it one of very few (less than 10?) buildings in the District of Columbia with the Platinum certification. Platinum is the highest level of green certification that a building can achieve through the US Green Building Council.

    It is 3 units, and Andereyn was correct in pointing out that it was originally built as a two unit building…oddly with the top floor being a separate unit. The door on the right is actually a new door. It used to be a window.

    I am working on the website for the property which will explain all it’s green features; including the deconstruction and reuse of many of the original details, vastly increased energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy and much more. I will definitely be giving tours of the building as I want to share it with the community.

    Best regards,


    • Lester

      Good for you, Tanya! Look forward to the website. Please ask PoP to post the link. Best of luck with the house.


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