• AA

    I was standing across the street from this house the other day, as the metal sections were going up. I commented to a friend that it doesn’t really fit with anything else in the neighborhood. It definitely sticks out.

  • Shintern

    I agree, but if the new Bruce-Monroe development includes a school, Gray’s already said that the community can’t support two schools, so who knows what they’ll build where you were standing the other day? That said, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts it’ll be something mixed-use and modern, which is horrible since I really like the Ashburn-designed schools – then again, I have neither been in one nor have children to send to one…

    • Kent

      Even if they build a new school for the Bruce Monroe community, the Park View School building will remain. Its historically significant and will not be razed. Most likely, it would become a warehouse.

      • Shintern

        Thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t sure if the building was protected yet, or if they were going to try raze it before it could be.

        Congrats on the one sided campaign, and sorry, I missed the meeting last night.

  • Dartagnan

    I really loved the old house that was there before. I really wish the developers would of just picked another site (empty lot) to build this condos. But I guess if nobody was willing to buy that old house and fix it up, then what can we do?? (I actually wanted to buy it, but too much work and not enough money)

  • Anonymous

    still ugly. now with more shiny.

  • Anonymous

    at least it doesnt look worse than the other buildings.

  • Ace in DC

    Redstone certainly has their own building “style”. Is this the exact same building as the one they built on Warder Street (same size / condo layouts etc)? I think it looks pretty neat.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? I don’t know how anyone can seet his as anything other than an improvement to the area.

    • Agreed – as for no one buying the creepy old wooden place that was there, well Dartagnan said it well – too much work and not enough money…

      Shintern – You are confused. Bruce Monroe is already gone for good and Park View remains.

  • Heather

    Any development is good for the area, but the aesthetic of the building does not match the neighborhood. It is very shiny and modern.

    I am glad to see more renovation happening around there… but really wish contractors paid more attention to the location than they do…

    Ah well, anything is better than nothing.


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