• erin

    Too bad the awesome mural and sweet facade weren’t kept.

  • MJ

    Nice job. Would like to see the innards.

  • anon

    Your original post was titled “Just Needs A Little Imagination”

    Clearly, the architect/builders/owners responsible have none.

    I call this style “The box it came in”.

    • Jay’O


      • Jay’O

        That being said, it’s nicer than a decaying one story storefront. Also, it’s nice to get some more population density. Pop Density is what will lead to more retail potenial!

  • Brian Kraft

    Look at the white streaks/stains under the sills. All new brick exterior walls seem to have these as soon at they are built. Looks crappy. What gives?

    • Eric in Ledroit

      salt leaching out of new masonry

      • Anonymous


        • Brian Kraft

          Is this normal/okay and then it goes away over time?

          • anon

            It’s normal & not a problem in and of itself, but is indicative of a problem of water getting into the masonry. It may get worse over time. A larger cornice supported by some nice corbels (they aren’t _just_ for show) would help keep water off the facade, but the small decorative element here is inadequate to the task. The stains are usually washed away with a Muratic acid solution. It’s not really something you’d want to mess with as a DIY’er. (I worked my way through school tending mason)

  • Not bad, not that interesting either. Even though it was run-the-hell-down, I did like the look of the old building and think it had more charm. Oh, well, I’ll keep telling myself that more generic condo buildings is better for the neighborhood or something.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally for development and rehabilitation. The new building is just boring.

  • Anonymous

    Oh hell no.

    Missing lintels = fail

    Extra cornice at first floor = fail

    Monstrous placement / aesthetics of electrical box = fail

    Lack of any shape other than a rectangle = fail

    lack of understanding proportion = fail

    Railing that will impede furniture moving = fail

    Pipe tripping hazard thing at bottom of stairs = fail

    Bad case of the uglies = fail

    • sure the style sucks but

      not derelict= win!
      up to code= win!
      ready to hit the market= win!
      higher density= win!

  • anon

    I live on that short block. At least I can assume that junkies are gone from that old abandoned building. It will be nice to have some new neighbors as well.

  • 14th Street Resident


  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe they didn’t put the meters in the back and it lacks the character of the old building but it’s clean and not too bad. I wish soneone would repaint the mural on the side or the gang babies are going to tag it.

  • Mike

    Cheap and boring, carpetbag developer.

    • Anonymous

      we can’t all be pretty southern belles.

    • Anonymous

      I highly doubt Cheap…when’s the last time you built a house or building?

  • Steve

    Which is the before and which is the after?

  • Anonymous

    if they ef’ed up the facade that bad I can only imagine what subtle touches of genius await on the inside…

    • in CH

      maybe you should take a look, its pretty nice.

  • Lester

    They can’t be done with this. The electrical service entry box is going to get smashed by a car turning into the alley the first year if a barrier isn’t erected there. The building is nice overall, but a little more detail (door entry) really is necessary and would go a long way in a sale. I wonder if they’re still finishing and plan to put the finishing touches to the front as they go to sale.

  • Anonymous

    Considering it’s not done in the picture many of the comments are not relevant (in fact most like many comments here they are just stupid)…the picture is out of date…they have made improvements to the facade since the photo was taken. Also to note…As I understand it builders don’t decide where the electric or gas meters go. AND…they are/have added an iron fence around the front and are supposed to be landscaping. And no mention of the Transom they installed above the front door that PoP is always so fond of? (Does not look installed completely…yet)…Also two of the three are already under contract…so I ask…who knows what they are doing??

  • M

    I looked at this place a couple weeks ago, and the interiors are gorgeous and freaking Huge.

  • Anthony Bozzi Capital City Real Estate

    Hi everyone, nice to hear your comments. We are still in the final stages of completing the building and there is work to be done to the facade and landscaping. I will let PoP know when it is complete and I hope you will all have another look! Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      i love it when developers comment here about their projects. especially when they stay classy.

      + 1.

  • JenDC


  • Anonymous

    I m glad the building is brick and not vinyl sliding

  • AER

    I liked it alot better when they had DIY pnk shows there. sigh.


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