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Good Deal or Not? “SHAMROCK IN SHAW” edition

by Prince Of Petworth November 5, 2010 at 1:00 pm 37 Comments

This home is located at 1706 5th St, NW:

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The flier says:

“SHAMROCK IN SHAW . .. . This is a rare find – three level home with Hdwds thruout. Gracious main with LR, DR, and kitchen with island. Room sizes are large – upper level media room with outdoor patio. Fenced rear and front. Conv to Rhode Island and metro.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

I’m super curious what you guys think about this one. It was originally on the market for $497,300 but is now going for $449,900. Does that sound reasonable for this 3 bed/2.5 bath rowhouse? And forgive my ignorance but what exactly makes this a shamrock?

  • How could the architect botch that second floor design so badly? None of it makes sense.

    • anon.

      I actually find that 2nd floor arrangement very interesting.
      The MBR has its own staircase and the MBR communicates with the 2nd (middle)BR. I think it could be a lot of fund to live in a house with this arrangement but not if you have to house a lot of people, i.e. kids. For a couple it would be just fine. I like the house but I always hate a house that the front door opens into a room rather than a neutral space such as a foyer. It is so common thought in this town.

      • matt

        the master bedroom has its own staircase to the family room and roof deck. so to get to those portions of the house you have to go through the 2nd “bedroom” and the master bedroom? no thanks.

        • anon.

          Although I said it could be fun, it’s not for everyone and is definitely flawed. That middle BR I don’t think has a window (maybe it does). It’s a fun house for a couple.
          Also, I think that the other bedroom should be used as the main BR and the Master (as stated) could be more public space, i.e. if you can spare the room.

    • chastity

      perspective buyers should meet (or do a DCCourts.gov/pa/ background check) on the neighbors LeroyThorpe.com before signing anything

  • Sully

    OMG did they just show the crackhead HESS? I go to that DUNKIN DONUT in the morning before work and it truly is a movie up there. They should rename it CRACKROCK IN SHAW if they are gonna put Q Street Market and Hess up in that ad.

    • PetworthRes

      yeah, i also noted that there’s no photo of the family room, but they did include a photo of the sketchy gas station.

      Also, does the 2nd floor really have 3 BRS but NO HALLWAY? I never thought about how many BRs I could fit in my house if I eliminated hallways!

      Also hardwoods throughout*
      *throughout the rooms that have hardwoods only

      • anon.

        I think the family room is the room on the top floor adjoining the deck. I think there is a picture of this.

    • Anonymous

      The vacuums at that Hess work really well (which is surprisingly rare for gas stations anywhere in the area). I shudder, though, to think of what else they may have vacuumed before…

    • JF

      I can only guess that they included the picture of the Hess/DD to try to show that the house is close to a gas station or to appeal to Mass. transplants

    • J street

      I have lived next to that Hess (two doors down) for the last couple of years and have never had any problems there. Sorry that your “crackhead” assumption can not be validated!

      • Sully

        Sorry to bring down your house value. I forgot this was real estate site for the all hoods. And btw I live one block down.

  • scorned

    Sully, and some people say Shaw is getting better!

    • Sully

      I love my neighborhood. It has character. I am not knockin it. That pic IS funny though. Itza Shaw thing.. .

  • A

    Yeah that’s really weird how all of the bedrooms seem to be connected to each other with no hallways. Also one is 7×14 – that’s ridiculously small.

    I think you could do better. This house needs some fixing up but has more space to work with:


  • PG

    Maybe it has some lucky charms?

    • ca ed dc gy tk pp le

      It’s designed for a leprechaun. Obviously.

  • hmm

    Kind of a leap, but I think it’s supposedly a shamrock because it’s a “rare find”.

    • saf

      Yeah, but shamrocks aren’t rare. 4-leafed clovers are rare, but while they may look like shamrocks, they are NOT shamrocks.

      • Joseph

        Yea, I think they meant to say its like a four-leaf clover among a field of ordinary three-leaf clovers, but instead they ended up saying its like any random shamrock.

        • Anonymous

          i think listing agents are usually drunk and post this kind of thing late at night.

          plus they just want to grab your attention.

  • Anonymous

    Tiny, weird layout, and not in a great area. I’m not too familiar with Shaw prices but this doesn’t seem like a great deal to me. But being a block from the metro drives up the price a bit, I guess.

  • lenzai

    Doesn’t a room have to have a window a closet and a door to qualify as a bedroom?

    • Anonymous

      If it does I’ve seen a lot of bedrooms that aren’t really bedrooms.

  • 3rdStreetDesign

    Um, sticking a bed in the second floor hallway does not a bedroom make…

    • You beat me to it, 3rdStreetDesign! They totally just stuck a bed in the hallway and are calling it a third bedroom.

      I think if I ended up there I would actually turn the 3rd floor “family room” into the master bedroom, and have the 2nd floor “master bedroom” be a den/family room of sorts. Sure, you’d have to go downstairs to the bathroom but it beats everyone trooping through your bedroom to get to the family room.

      • Sheister_in_Shaw

        Best I can tell, there IS no 3rd floor family room. and no third floor. There seems to be a partial roof deck but there is no interior 3rd floor — in contrast to the blueprints they are sharing.

        • gk

          there’s a (small) 3rd floor. in picture 2, you can see the third story in the back of the house, it’s an addition. and picture 8 shows the (small) family room going out to the deck.

          layout here is bizarre…agree w/ greg mce on turning the 3rd floor into a bedroom and the commenter below that says that the house could benefit from staging.

  • dreas

    Agree with those who say the layout is really screwy and awkward. Although we are finding a 7.5’x10′ bedroom to be perfectly sufficient for a baby, it doesn’t also serve as a hallway to another bedroom. There has to be a better way to have configured the space.

  • thedudeabides

    yes, the layout is strange, but i still think its a good deal. there is development in shaw even if it still has a ways to transition. its close to the metro and looks like it was renovated well. that’s a decent price for that amount of space, even misconfigured. the house the previous person referenced has alot of renovations yet to do, this one looks move in ready.

  • Max

    I like the layout– the little foyer (not bedroom) on the 2nd floor could be a cool space. If they did a better job staging the house I think it would make a huge difference.

  • Anonymous

    I’m mostly astounded by those random metal shelves in place of actual cabinets in the kitchen.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I know it’s trendy to have a commerical kitchen these days (especially if you don’t cook at all), but those shelves aren’t even that deep.

      • Anonymous

        you’re not really up to speed on the trends.

  • JS

    I don’t care what the ad says, that house is not convenient to Rhode Island. Providence is over 400 miles away!

    (for the invetible person who doesn’t get it, that’s sarcasm)

  • Anonymous

    sounds like it’s the 2005 wanna-be developer amateur hour again. It always pains me to see this happen.

    There is no such thing as easy money, people (at least for now, who knows what Obama will do). With all the money you think you will “save,” the headaches are not worth it. I hope you have a monetary figure on how much your time costs.

  • Tres

    Yes, it’s a okay deal. It’s a fixer upper in the sense that you have to complete/re-do the kitchen and add a bathroom on the 3rd floor. Seal off the family room with a door and you’re good to go.

    You have to think of the family room as the third master bedroom, and the purported 3rd bedroom as a den of some sort. Actually, I would put the W/D there and an ironing board, off season clothing etc. The cool thing is, each bedroom would be a master based on size, so the next buyers would be pretty impressed with your 3 master/3 full bath house. You would be too. Despite the pop up being vinyl, at least it’s somewhat recessed from the street view. You could brickify it at some point.

    A block to metro is hot. Maybe push the sellers down another 20k.


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