Good Deal or Not? “11 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms” edition (Reader Request)

by Prince Of Petworth November 2, 2010 at 1:00 pm 35 Comments

This home is located at 1243 New Jersey Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“Priced reduced for quick sell! Bright beautiful huge townhouse 11 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, 3 separate entrances. 2009 renovated. Main floor & up are all wood floor. New kitchen with Granite counter and Maple cabinet. Basement with its own small kitchen. New water heater and appliances. Super location. Seller is very motivated.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

It was originally going for $888,000 but is now on the market for $799,900. Good deal or not?

  • MtP

    That’s a surprising lack of pictures for such a large house. I counted only 2 BRs and 3 baths in the photos, which would make anyone wonder, “What’s wrong with the rest of them?”

  • A

    I think this would make a good condo conversion. I don’t see many potential buyers for such a large house in this location.

    • 1305trini


  • Truxton Circle

    I pass this house everyday and hate hate the stone on the outside. You’re also directly across from a high school and across the street from a fire station.

  • photodork

    I think as a SFH it is too hard to call, like someone said before…condo conversion is a likely option.

    At 3200 sq ft, those BRs are gonna be small if there are truly 11 of them and 8 baths.

    I think that stone is really a ‘shaped’ siding material popular in the 50’s-70’s. I have heard it is a nightmare to remove. (also it is super ugly in my opinion)

    • Matt

      The public facts show it as 6 beds and 4 baths so who knows what the case actually is.

      • Possibly

        Basement or attic

  • DCMom

    Woodwork looks nice – although not all the same color. Floors look nice too. I agree with above – very few pics – the rest of the house could be a total disaster. Also, who redoes a kitchen with different colored appliances?

  • Anonymous

    Def something fishy about lack of pics. “Real World Truxton” house?

    • +1

    • King Henry VIII

      “Old World Charm”

  • Sully

    yes yes and yes

  • Matt

    This place has been on the market for a long time. I was surprised it said only 115 days…

    Based on that alone, I would say it’s a bad deal.

    • ab

      its actually showing that its been on the market for a total of 334 days. (maybe on and off) but total since it was listed.

  • Tres

    I’d say it’s a good deal. Too bad there are no buyers for a property like this round these parts. Really, though someone might be induced to buy a mansion like this instead of a 3 bedroom close to 16th. Someone quirky with a fair amount of money. If Truxton gentrifies over the next ten years, this will have been a steal for whoever buys at around this price.

    • Anonymous

      It’s already gentrifying quite a bit, mostly by the folks who are priced out of neighborhoods like Columbia Heights. You’d be surprised.

      • The AMT

        It really is, and I’m guessing it’s only going to accelerate, with the development going on a few blocks away in NoMa.

        That said, on this particular property, the N Street side of this place looks like a warzone every other Saturday during the fall. Something about high school football games just makes people litter and throw bottles in the street.

        • Greg

          And there’s something about that area just west of North Capitol that seems to attract a lot of rough-looking loiterers at all hours of the day.

          • Anonymous

            It’s called the dozen social services clustered around O st.

          • Anonymous

            the meth clinic. but its moving to SE.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. This is in my price range but I’d rather get a smaller house on Capitol Hill with the money. If you have a distinct need for such a big house and can’t spend over a million it might be desirable, but I can’t imagine many people that would be in that situation.

  • Kate

    These pictures don’t give you much insight. What I would realy like to see is a floor plan.

  • Allero

    Last week I looked at this and the one at 67 N, which was like 200k cheaper. This looks huge from outside buut it is really just a regualr rowhouse turned sideways. New Jersey Ave is so pretty in my opinion. But for the money you could do a lot better. The owner/agent for 67N said that neighborhood is kind of a tough sell in this market, but there are some *really* good deals to be had. I just think this one is a little overpriced conidering the really nice renovations nearby for much cheaper.

  • Anonymous

    This is just a normal 3 story town house. Somehow the created 3 bedrooms in the basement and one on the main floor, and chopped something in half on the upper floor; otherwise it would have 6 bedrooms — which is still A LOT, but not a any different than one of the bigger MtP houses on Lamont.

    I’m a little confused on about the 8 bathrooms, however.

    I’m guessing it was rented out as a rooming house for years, and then got a quick flipper treatment. Beware of “crack head” remodeling if you buy it.

    But, if the price was right, it would be cool to have a house that big.

  • Anonymous

    Something very, very fishy here. I look at that exterior picture and think “Yeah, that looks like it might have 11/8 potential.” Then I look at 3200 sq ft and think there’s no way in hell. Listed as an interior rowhome, so I bet it’s just the middle third of that structure, in which case, I bet you’re seeing in the pictures everything the seller is willing/not embarrassed to show. No deal.

  • FYI

    Unit block of N Street NW is a tough sell, period. Between North Cap and First NW, south of Florida can be rough. Its sandwiched between the areas two remaining (I think some others got torn down for NOMA) housing projects. Its also near the methodone clinic and SOME, both are closing – but SOME location will still be a social services outlet.

    There’s nothing wrong with living there, but its something that needs to be understood.

    As for the NJ Ave property, $250/square foot is pretty good for this city. Of course thats not the only metric you should use – and i think this one should go for about $600000. Way overpriced.

    • FYI

      Also the pictures are ridiculous. black stove white dishwasher? One picture is of nothing more than a sparsely vegetated dirt pile. Someone fire the agent.

  • Will

    Anyone ever see that movie The Money Pit with Tom Hanks?

  • Tres

    Well I live here, I talking more 5th wave gentrification like Logan. Should have specified.

    And by the way, “Truxton” is now the prefered vernacular according to me as of right now. No more explaining about bulldozed circles and Realtor naming rights every single time someone asks where I live. It’s complicated and stupid. Dropping the “circle” now and forever.

    Even Dupont and Loganites don’t answer where they live using “circle”. That’s an out of towner way of speaking about these neighborhoods.

    • Anonymous

      what is 5th wave gentrification?

    • Anonymous

      what does ‘5th wave gentrification” mean?

    • ab

      Tres you speak so surly of yourself, however forgive me for being so blunt but you are wrong to say “even dupont and loganites don’t answer where the live using “circle,” because many do.

      • Tres

        I was feeling surly when I wrote that.

        Let me put it this way — most (read: all) tourists call it “Dupont Circle”, but many residents use a flat “Dupont”. As a former Dupont dweller, I never used to say “I live in Dupont Circle”. To me that’s always been idiomatically less preferable. Somehow formal.

        Lots of times you have to differentiate between the neighborhood and the circle as two logically discrete things. Dropping the “-circle” allows you to do that:

        “We can hang out in Dupont; meet me on the circle.”

        In any case, I stand by my surly assertion of dropping the circle from Truxton, where it has no place. Someone just has to choose a name for the neighborhood — a single name that makes sense and that outsiders will begin to recognize.

  • Anonymous

    turn it into a cooperative!! i’d buy it if i could!

  • Matt

    Don’t the signs in the neighborhood say Truxton Circle on them? Kind of like the Bloomingdale and Eckinton banners nearby? Why not just use the name of the neighborhood? Although ultimately I don’t think it matters if someone calls it Truxton or Truxton circle.


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