Dear PoP – Local businesses as a front for cults?

by Prince Of Petworth November 29, 2010 at 12:30 pm 12 Comments

“Dear PoP,

I wanted your readers to be aware of local businesses, promising “health and wellness” are just covers for cults that will take your money. Dahn Yoga, located at 700 14th St NW, is currently under investigation for fraud, money laundering, etc.

Please please please do your research if something sounds too good to be true or if you’re being asked to fork over a lot of money or multiple installments of money.”

I wonder if the legal issues contributed to the closing of the store at 5010 Connecticut Ave, NW which is now slated to become a French restaurant (pictured above).

  • Only a fool would – fork over a lot of money or multiple installments of money.

    Never pay for anything “in-full” that is not yet completed.


    Doesn’t some legend book say something about a fool and his money are soon parted… ?

  • Well, Ilchi Lee is no Robert Tilton. But then, who is?

  • While we’re on the subject of cults, here’s a friendly reminder that those Planet Aid donation dumpsters are run by a cult that made $30 million by reselling those clothes.

  • Maire

    Dahn Yoga isnt a cover for a cult, it is a cult. Pretty much anyone who’s been around in yoga has run into these people and heard the stories. Stay far, far away.

  • DLT

    This post should definitely go into the PoP “Strangest Headlines” highlight reel.

  • Jason

    Hardly surprising. You have hardware stores/ethnic eateries that are open 2 hours a day that obvious fronts to launder dope money.. I don’t see why the cultists can’t join in on the good times.

    • Dupont Worker

      Can you speculate on one probable front business? I’m not calling you out; I’m just curious.

  • So, Just Sayin’

    “Cult” was supposed to be an academic term referring, non-judgmentally, to new/emerging religious movements. When the press started covering the new religious movements of the latter half of the 20th Century, they abused the term and turned it into something pejorative.

    I think it would be helpful for the tipster to chime back in and clarify what was meant by “cult” in this case.

  • near victim

    One to watch out for – One World Fitness on 14th St. DO NOT go there, and do not let the owner talk you into a no-interest credit arrangement. I don’t know about cult but I do know that he plays on peoples’ insecurities about their bodies and TRIES to get you to sign up and pay with a no-interest credit deal that essentially guarantees him the full payment (6 months or more) up front without ever delivering any services. I came close to getting hoodwinked into a $13,000 contract without even knowing he was submitting a credit app – AFTER being very clear with him that I wanted to pay month to month. Sheesh, a total ripoff. Don’t even walk through the front door of that place. I’m embarassed that we even talked to him.

  • me too

    I completely agree with near victim — I also go suckered into paying $30 upfront for a consultation, when I realized what was going on I confronted them and they promptly refunded my money and told me to go away.

    • Anonymous

      I knew they were a cult when they tried to serve me a bowl of Turkey leg frikadeller.

  • PetworthRes

    Yoga cult headline notwithstanding, the French cafe that replaced it, Terasol, is now open – we are friends with the owners and have eaten there twice. The menu is short, but has all the French cafe classics (crepes, quiche, nicoise salad, cheese & charcuterie plates, etc). We’re not exactly unbiased, but we thought the food was really great. The cafe space is shared with a pottery gallery (the owners previously ran just the gallery)- it’s very cozy, nice lighting, good quality food. PoP, you should check it out :)

    Their menu is online http://www.terasolartisans.com/Menu.html


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