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Dear PoP – Horse’s Ass Award Nominee at 11th and L St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth November 3, 2010 at 10:04 pm 10 Comments

“Dear PoP,

I live in The Eleven Condo building at 1111 11th St NW. The attached photos are of the building next door, in between The Eleven and The Morrison-Clark House B & B. Could you look into the building’s status? It’s a beautiful brick building, but all the windows are boarded up and there’s regularly trash out front. The location is fabulous and I think if someone gave it some TLC, it could be a gem!”

Do any readers know the story of this building? Is it going to be one of the buildings torn down to make room for the Convention Center Hotel? Is it too late for it to be saved? Anyone know what it used to be and how long it has been boarded up?

  • nathaniel

    I seem to recall, and I am too lazy to do research, is it is a building that had a huge number of problems and the landlord wouldn’t fix anything. A couple of years back they ended up condemning it when a couple of feet of standing water were found in the basement.

  • Disgusted in DC

    This building was condemned by the District a few years back. Looks like the building has also been foreclosed upon against the slumlord. Looks like it may rebuild, but who knows when that will be.

    Scroll down for “Eleventh Street Apts”


  • Bonnie

    The building owner is in bankruptcy. It was affordable housing but it is being sold to a for profit condo converter.

  • Anonymous

    Real estate development loans remain very, very difficult to secure in 2010.

    For three years now, my property has been appraised three times, and I’ve been turned down three times.

    Each appraisal comes in lower than the one before making it even more difficult.

    Private sector construction cranes on any city skyline are far and very few between.

    These times are not easy, even here in D.C., where regular, comfortable federal payrolls create mindsets unfamiliar with the current realities of private sector life in 2010.

  • Chris in Eckington

    From what I recall, the building was primarily occupied by Ethiopians and they were going to exercise their rights under TOPA to buy the building. Maybe they couldn’t get it together enough to buy the building or developer they brought in couldn’t get financing.

  • anon

    Also – unrelated question… whats with the tooth with the dollar sign on it? I’ve seen it around town and have been curious about what the story is.

  • french streeter

    Am I mistaken in thinking that DC Government owns this building?

  • anon

    The building is definitely not in the footprint of the convention center hotel. That project is all east of 10th Street. The building had a gas explosion which is why all of the windows are blown out. I live behind it and we used to watch the rats crawling out of it and often counted up to 20 at a time in broad daylight. It’d be a great condo or apartment building once developed and who couldn’t ask for better neighbors than Morrison-Clark.

    • Darren

      To clarify, the windows were broken by the firefighters themselves who came to put out a fire there on Super Bowl Sunday, 3 years ago. There are still a lot of loose glass shards hanging form many of the windows that occasionally fall. I live on the street too and it is a great building and I think would do well converted. Great location, but the state of the building is really taking away from 11th St.

  • 1101 L

    Funny this was nominated–I was going to do the same thing! I live at 1101 L right across the street from this building. It was low-income housing as recently as 2007 and was shut down due to a “lack of potable drinking water.”


    The absentee owners from Rhode Island owed something like $250K in unpaid property tax so the place was sold this year in the DC tax sale.

    Its a shame its in such a state still–the city has put a lot of work into making 11th Street much nicer with the streetscape improvements lately (although they didn’t do so well in keeping the newly planted trees alive!).

    But with the convention center hotel, O Street Market, and the CityCenter DC projects all coming online and all within 3-5 blocks form here in the next 3 years or so I’m sure (hope!) this building gets put to some productive use soon!


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