• Boo! I voted for Fenty, ha ha! :)

    • mv

      Me too!!!

    • Rat King of Dupont

      Same here

    • Gretchen

      Me, too.

  • anon808

    Marion Barry…nuf said.

  • HolmeadHomey

    Can you say “turn back the clock”? So much for the progress made in DC in the past 8 years. Depressing.

  • Thor

    why is Barry there? What role will he have in the new administration?

    • mv

      It’s just depressing to see that.

    • ColHe

      Barry is there because he is still a member of the council. He’s not in the Adminstration, he’s an elected representative of his ward.

      • Original Poster

        And Gray has said he’ll give him back a committee chairmanship. Its all a very symbolic step backward.

  • Goku

    This is great

  • TonyS

    wow. thats all.

  • Brian Kraft

    His Honor needs to tell Hizzoner to stand down.

  • tballer

    Is that Uncle Barry’s twist on the Fidel Castro tracksuit?

  • DL

    I love it. Go Vince, go!

  • Jim

    I voted for Fenty in the primary, but I feel like Gray deserves a fair shot to run the city, as he was a really solid Council Chairman. That being said, I’m glad Fenty write-ins (mine included) made it up to 22% of the vote. Should let Gray know that he doesn’t have a huge mandate to radically change the direction things are currently going.

  • Anon

    Can someone tell me why DC9 has had it liquor license suspended for 30 more day while the mayor elect gets to party down at Love? The incident involving the staff of DC9 occurred down the street from the bar. Meanwhile, the space Love occupies and gets to open time and again despite reoccurring violence.

    • Anonymous

      Management at Love didn’t beat someone to death.

      • JSHAW


      • another guy named chris

        Also Love was closed down for most of this year.

    • Anonymous



    I voted for Fenty, but I’ll give Gray a chance to win me over, inspite of his supporters.

    While working the polls, a pollwatcher for Gray lectured me on how racist all the whites are by supporting fenty. Her evidence? 50% of black youth are invloved in the justice system, and basically whites only care about “yuppie” stuff like streetcars, bikeshare, and city services.

    Even if Gray doesn’t believe this himself, he’ll be beholden to whatever precentage his supporters share this view.

    Gray – Please know a lot of people voted for Fenty because of this fear and the belief that Fenty really did improve city services, and the quality of life in DC. Sure, poor blacks have taken it on the chin during this horrible economy and even before. But it wasn’t Fenty’s fault for these deep, structural problems in our country (just like it isn’t Obama’s fault either).

    If you (Gray) has a way to address these deep intractable problems for the longterm, without bankrupting the City, then let’s see what you have. I suspect, you can’t. But if you can’t – please be honest with people and say this is part of the American free market. Don’t just blame your failures (as marion Barry) on evil white people’s racism.

    • FD

      That video looks like the BET Awards.

      “One City” indeed…

      • Anonymous


      • ColHe

        Move to a majority black city and get a majority black government. Government is supposed to look like the governed. I am so tired of being a white person in this city and having idiots like you define me. And yes, I am white person who voted for Vince Gray.

        • ColHe

          Yikes…this was in response to FD…not JSHAW.

    • another guy named chris

      That pollwatchers ignorance offends me. As a black man I voted for Fenty because I feel that although he was not perfect and had many flaws, that the city as a whole was moving in the right direction and in a better place than when he assumed office. I thought that the changes he made within the school system were a good step in reducing the amount of youth in the justice system. However, I also took into consideration things that would directly impact me and my property values such as bike lanes, parks and such. There’s no racism in that. I echo the sentiment that it is not Fenty’s fault that deep systemic problems existed and will exist long into the future that will undermine the success of DC’s youth. But until we can give at least 90% of them a decent HS education everything else will be futile. Bottom line, a lot of Blacks were upset that he fired black teachers and didn’t include enough blacks in his administration.

      • Anonymous

        +1 (by another black man who proudly voted for Fenty)

        I think class and eductation level explains more of the Gray/Fenty divide than race. I’m willing to bet that Fenty easily carried the black college-educated vote (subtracting DCPS of course)

      • Gretchen

        +1000 for this analysis

        Completely sums up why I wrote-in Fenty. I was stunned to find out that I moved to a community that could only boast a 50% success rate for matriculating its youth through its public education system. I’m not a parent and I really don’t have a dog in the fight that is our city’s education crisis. However, I can’t stand that I live in a community that accepts such a low rate of success for its youth. Yes, Fenty shook up the DCPS and considered the education of DC’s children a priority. I believe that he was only getting started and it was going to be an uncomfortable, up-hill battle for all involved. He not only acknowledged this shameful crisis but made strides to do something about it. I sincerely hope that Gray will follow suit and continue to take decisive action with DCPS. If he does, he will have my loyalty and support. Much, much more is needed in this area and I hope the youth of DC are not neglected for much longer.

  • Sully

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  • Anonymous

    This video does the impossible task of putting all of my concerns for the new mayoral administration into one booger sugar induced boogie.

    Welcome back to 1991, DC residents!

  • Davester

    If it is one city — where are the white people? Oh i get it we are here just to pay for everything.

    • ONE CITY

      Im sure the “white” people “YOU” were looking for were somewhere sucking sour grapes, not wanting to give this man a chance, as if he hasn’t already reached out to citizens in “ALL” 8 wards. ONE CITY! get with it or move back to the middle of NOWHERE,America the town you grew up in…UGH Wannabe Washingtonians!

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Yeah, us and our racist support of Fenty and Williams.

      • NOWHERE America – where the men go to work and have a role in raising their sons and daughters. If this place is so great, why are we still propping up half of it’s population? You had control – what have you done with it? This gloating dance is shameful and Barry is the little hard crust on top of chicken poop… yes chicken poop like in NOWHERE America.

        • Anonymous

          who is the “you” you are referring to?

          • “you” meaning the pre-Fenty decades of lousy dc gov that One City thinks is real dc

      • neener

        He surrounded himself with tax-cheat crony criminals. You’re a jerk.

  • Some of them couldn’t get away from Barry fast enough. That’s some solace.


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