• Greg

    Why did Pizza Hut close? They were always busy.

  • ah

    It needs a special exception for a fast food restaurant in the Naval Observatory Overlay District.


    • Pizza Hut doesn’t count as fast food? Why should have to get a separate exemption to replace an existing restaurant os a similar type. This is part of the problem with rapid changes in neighborhoods if everything always to go back to be zoning adjustment, then there is no incentive not to tear out existing uses.

  • jt

    bad news for surfside?

    • ah

      Is the food that similar? If you want a football sized burrito, you’re not going to Surfside. If you want something a bit more refined, Chipotle doesn’t have it.

      I like them both but don’t think I’d be choosing between them for any particular meal.

      • In Glover Park

        Similar enough that Surfside will definitely see some impact. It may not shut them down, but I predict a menu change to offer more items in direct competition with Chipotle. For the price, Surfside simply isn’t as refined as they should be. It can be down right bland.


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