Ah So This is a Boundary Stone!

by Prince Of Petworth November 8, 2010 at 11:30 am 6 Comments

Of course Amelia and Vaughn wrote an epic series about their quest to find all the boundary stones. If you haven’t read the series – it is a must. You can read them here. Now I am embarrassed to admit that I had never actually seen one before. I happened to stumble on one outside the Friendship Heights Metro on Sunday. It is very random but very very cool.

  • Brian Kraft

    I’m pretty sure that is not an actual boundary stone, but rather a stone marker set on the boundary much later to mark entry into DC along this old and historically important road (now known as Wisconsin Avenue).

  • Um, no. That’s not a boundary stone. The nearest two boundary stones are NW 6 (intersection of Park and Western Ave) and NW 7 (Western Ave near Cedar Parkway and McKinley Ave).

    You can see pictures of those two boundary stones (and all of the rest, for that matter) here:

    NW 6: http://www.boundarystones.org/view.php?stone=NW6
    NW 7: http://www.boundarystones.org/view.php?stone=NW7

  • Kate

    Are you sure it’s not Washington’s Meridian? WAMU had a whole piece on it this morning.


    D.C.’s Meridian Hill Park got its name from the Prime Meridian Thomas Jefferson proposed along 16th Street NW.

    • Brian Kraft

      The stone that is pictured is in Friendship Heights at Wisconsin and Western. That’d be an awfully squiggly meridian.

      • Kate

        I agree. Just providing another possibilty! Plus, I thought it was just a very interesting piece on NPR that should be shared.

  • 8==D

    It’s a property marker of some sort, and it’s on (or pretty close to) the DC-Maryland border.


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