Washington, DC

Photo by MJ, first ever Red Derby Roof Deck opening 10/22/10

We’ve known for a couple of years that Red Derby (located at 14th and Quincy St, NW) was looking to get a roof deck but excitement began to build in earnest when permits were filed this past June. As some know, I was sick as a dog last week but I started receiving emails Friday night about the Derby’s deck opening and at that moment I fully recovered. Special thanks to MJ for sending some photos and sending the very early word. Also thanks to all the other readers who sent in word about the opening.

As some will note, it is a bit unfortunate that the deck opens just as cold weather is coming however, this weekend was beautiful and when I checked it out on Sat. I also spotted some heaters. So unless we get a crazy winter like last year, I’d say it’ll be open for a while. And of course next Spring is absolutely going to kick ass.

One of the best bars (if not the best bar) in DC just got way better. Lots more photos after the jump.

Climb towards the light.

The view

The bar

Opening night from MJ

Deck facing 14th St, NW

Deck facing rear alley


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