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The Georgetown Library located at 3260 R St, NW (Wisconsin and R) reopens Monday, Oct. 18th. Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to receive a tour from DC’s chief librarian, Ginnie Cooper. Many will remember that the library was devastated by fire Apr. 30th, 2007 (same day as the Eastern Market fire). On display at the library was this incredible photo:

It is awkward to say this but I think the fire may have been a blessing in disguise (thank God nobody was injured) because the renovation is truly amazing (and there were no plans for a major renovation). It is though an entire new library was built on the space (and much improved). Not only was the space gutted but a ton of new space was added. There is now a huge children’s section as well as a completely new third floor housing the historic Peabody collection (which thankfully some say miraculously survived the fire). Beautiful new staircases were added. A new meeting room and study rooms are top of the line. Wifi and 40 new computers as well as 40,000 books (with room for 80,000) will be housed in the library.

Ed. Note: The next library to be reopened will be Tenleytown in Jan. and Petworth in Feb.

There was still some last minute touches going on but you can get a taste of the amazing job done with lots more photos after the jump.

First floor

First floor

Stairs downstairs to the children’s section

Study rooms on the second floor

Second floor

Amazing view

New tables, very comfortable chairs and plenty of new outlets (you can see some outlets built in here).

Third floor getting finishing touches

From the third floor historic Peabody collection, 19th century street sign from what is now 28th and O St, NW. I also saw an original letter written by Queen Victoria to Peabody. Super cool. Some of these items will rotate in display cases on the third floor.

Mr. George Peabody

Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper


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