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  • Rene

    Cinderella’s walk of shame.

  • Kate

    “If Jim shows up in the same outfit again this year, I’m de-friending him.”

  • JTV

    I can’t believe I overslept.

  • Anonymous

    news briefs? nope. commando

  • mel

    Bridesmaid’s checklist:
    ugly dress, check;
    serve bride’s needs, check;
    bikini wax, check, check and looking to score, baby.

  • BMS

    I hope this is the worst of my motorcycle crew initiation hazing…

  • Anon

    …and seeing his Knight in Shining Armor in the arms of an actual WOMAN, Bob fled the Renaissance Faire in tears.

  • andy

    Reason #1142 not to get that tattoo you’ve been thinking about.

  • JRoseC

    Always the bridesmaid, never the bride!

  • _joecrawford

    I think I dressed for the wrong Tea Party!

  • Smoove T

    No one escapes the Spanish Inquisition!!!

  • TG

    Serena Williams showing off her new line of Aneras formal wear.

  • Herb

    Someone needs to learn you don’t wear white shoes after Labor Day!

    • Chris on Seaton

      “But fashion has changed!” :)

  • I have to win the high heel race this year, I have to!

  • Fellow Petworthian

    Now was is 12 noon or 12 midnight I was going to turn in to a pumpkin?

  • Robin

    I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!

  • WDC

    I’m regretting the decision not to go with the RED doo-rag.

  • briefly

    Ooh ooh! The Chancellors job is open! The Chancellors job is open!

  • kevin DC

    My fairy Godmother has really been slacking lately.

  • KBP

    Wish the saleslady had warned me that Spanx start to chafe after a few hours!

  • Jim Ed

    But all the blogs said red gowns were the new skinny jeans!

  • pop-up owner

    It’s on! Time for a tea party bitch slap.

  • Anonymous

    One more reason not to watch “The Real Housewives of DC”

    • Hokie in the Hood

      They don’t call DC “The Ugly Hollywood” for nothing

  • ZHeights

    Happy now, Paladino?

  • Kamantha

    Where’s my glass slipper?!

  • Dennis

    Nothing a pair of beer goggles can’t fix.

  • Ragged Dog

    The tooth fairy generally travels at night.

  • Andy(2)

    Stevie Nicks called, she wants her dress back.

  • MJ

    And next up on the catwalk: Betsy Johnson’s Spring line of Harley Wear. With the new breathe-easy design, you’ll be saying “Sionara!” to jock itch forever.

  • Anonymous

    i guess this wasnt a good caption contest picture after all.

  • mphs

    Michele Salahi looks a lot more intimidating without her hair extensions.

  • gardyloo

    The Empress Dowager of Petworth.

  • Pete

    “Curiouser and curiouser.” -Alice

  • I can’t believe I have to wear this effin’ doo-rag.


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