Polo India Club Becomes Dalchinni, Continues Karma Kitchen at 1736 Connecticut Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth October 12, 2010 at 10:11 pm 8 Comments

Dalchinni is located at 1736 Connecticut Ave, NW in the former Polo India Club space. Their Web site (still being worked on) says:

“Dalchinni at Dupont Circle is an authentic Indian Restaurant serving Indian cuisine and specialty Himalayan Java Coffee. Our menu has been put together by very experience chef and we are proud to introduce a specialty Himalayan Java coffee first time in the US.”

But what I thought was the coolest was Karma Kitchen which they host every Sunday:

“Imagine a restaurant where there are no prices on the menu and where the check reads $0.00 with only this footnote: “Your meal was a gift from someone who came before you. To keep the chain of gifts alive, we invite you to pay it forward for those dine after you.”

That’s Karma Kitchen, a volunteer-driven experiment in generosity.”

You can learn more about it here.


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