Washington, DC

This awful brutal insane shooting war continues. Around 4:15 or 4:30pm there were multiple shots on the 4000 block of 4th St, NW. This is right near a shooting that took place Sat. night, not to mention the previous shootings that have occurred over the past 3 weeks around Shepherd St, NW.

Again, this shooting is that much more frightening because it took place in the daytime when parents are literally walking and pushing their children in strollers. I just returned from the scene and I must’ve seen around 20 of those white cards indicating shells on the ground. Nearby residents believe a car may have been involved in the shooting. This is terrifying.

I’ve gotten emails from multiple residents who are scared, angry, frightened and absolutely fed up. That’s pretty much all I can say in this post. Everyone is fed up. The situation is horrible. It appears nobody was hit this afternoon so there is not likely to be a large media reaction. I don’t mean to question tactics but clearly something has got to change. Can tactics help mitigate what is clearly a gang/crew war with retaliation after retaliation?

There is a crime meeting scheduled for Sat. morning. From Councilmember Bowser:

“Oct. 9 from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

St. Gabriel’s Church, School Hall
510 Webster Street, NW

Cathy Lanier, Chief of Police; Kimberly Missouri, Commander, Fourth District; Robert Hildum, Interim Director, Department of Youth and Rehabilitation Services; and Karen Feinstein, Executive Director, Georgia Avenue/Rock Creek East Family Support Collaborative will join me for an in-depth review of recent criminal activity and actions initiated to thwart crime in Petworth. I am also asking MPD to be prepared to discuss block captain training and sign-up for the neighborhood watch program.”


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