Washington, DC

I received a very sad tip the other day and while it hasn’t been exactly confirmed it wasn’t really denied either… When I first stumbled upon the Brass Knob Warehouse located at 57 N Street, NW I was blown away (not to be mistaken with the Brass Knob retail space in Adams Morgan). It is filled with tons and tons of items for those renovating a house. For someone who posts a ‘door of the day’ you can imagine my delight… You can see lots of photos here.

Anyway a reader wrote in saying that he heard the Warehouse was closing up shop. I immediately called the Warehouse and while they said they are still open for business they also said that, “the economy hasn’t been kind to us” and that their business is based on home renovations which have seriously slowed down. So while the shop is still open, it sounds like if business doesn’t pick up they may not last until the economy completely rebounds. And that would be a very sad for a very cool warehouse. I certainly hope that my reader tip was overly pessimistic!


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