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A couple of weeks ago Alliance Tavern closed their doors at 3238 Wisconsin Avenue, NW. Thanks to a reader for the heads up on the coming soon sign recently posted. It says that the new spot will be called District 2 Bar & Grille and comes from the owners of The Ugly Mug on Barrack’s Row and Maddy’s Bar and Grille in Dupont.

Their Web site says:

“District 2 Bar & Grille comes to the Cathedral Heights neighborhood with a mouth-watering formula of consistently great food combined with a casual and inviting dining ambiance. Located at the corners of Wisconsin and Macomb, NW, District 2 is the neighborhood’s only sports bar & grille.

The atmosphere is all about welcoming community dwellers and serving up quality food and drink, including more than a dozen domestic and imported brews. The delectable menu, created by accomplished Executive Chef J. Scott Webster, formerly of the Clyde’s Restaurant Group, combines the gourmet flavors of fine dining with the unique flare of your favorite bar, including their irresistible mini burgers and crowd favorites, sweet potato fries. ”

You can see their proposed menu here.

Before Alliance Tavern, this space was the home to Enology wine bar, and prior to that it was a coffee lounge under a few names including the Zebra room. For those familiar with the Ugly Mug and Maddy’s, do you think a similar spot will be a good fit here?

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  1. Can I remember when that was a wine bar before the actual bar.

  2. Sorry to say but that location is just plain cursed. I give this new biz 12 months before packing it in

  3. Agree and I don’t know why. It was the Zebra Room for YEARS but now…?
    Maybe it’s the good spots across the street that people can’t avoid (2 Amys and Cactus)

  4. Right. totally time to bulldoze that corner and have a priest perform an exorcism.

  5. I’ll go if they put back the big stuffed Hammerhead Shark that was there when it was the Zebra Room. Come to think of it. I think THAT is the curse. The curse of the Zebra Rooms Hammerhead Shark!

  6. I sure hope it’s cleaner and has better food than the Ugly Mug. I don’t know how that joint stays in business.

  7. The Ugly Mug stays in business, and is probably doing quite well, because:

    1.) It has a constant, ever-changing supply of customers living across the street at the Marine Barracks.

    2.) It’s the only honest-to-goodness sports bar on that strip.

    3.) It has cheap drinks.

    4.) It’s probably the closest bar to the Nats stadium, and they showed some ingenuity by purchasing some golf carts to shuttle patrons down there, for free.

  8. I give it 100 days

  9. As long as it’s not pretentious w/ stuck up owners and overpriced food like its two predecessors…

  10. You lost me at “Executive Chef”. Can we not just get a real neighborhood sports bar? We don’t need mini burgers or gourmet mac n cheese. We need dollar drafts, great burgers and the like, and a relaxed vibe. Wish someone would pay attention to the feedback and take a look at the customer base. Deluxe is terrific, but caters largely to families – how about a place for the rest of us to kick back without breaking the bank or walking away hungry? I’ll hold out hope, but… sigh.

  11. Agreed. If I wanted a pricey joint with an executive chef that pretended to be casual, I would go to Blue Ridge down the street.

  12. This could not have been said any better. I’ve been living a block away from that corner for over 3 years and I just wish we could get a good hang out bar in the area. I love cafe deluxe, but agree that it caters mainly to families (not that there’s anything wrong with that) so it’s not necessarily somewhere I go for a few casual drinks.

  13. I totally agree with ‘Neighbor’. If you ‘dumb’ it down and provide good priced pub-ish food and good beer with lots of TVs, it will work. It can be the Cleveland Park Bar & Grill of that neighborhood.

  14. My friends and I have had so many discussions about what it would take to succeed in that spot I’ve lost count. Clearly it’s NOT a sports bar that tries to cater only to the adult crowd. Look at all the great neighboring restaurants that have been there for years- Cactus, 2Amys, Cafe Deluxe- and they all have a few key things in common: they accommodate FAMILIES and can provide good FOOD at reasonable PRICES.

    If I want a loud, crowded sports bar with a million TVs, I’ll go to Cleveland Park or Bethesda. Sorry. In this neighborhood I want quiet, relaxed dining that won’t break the bank. Somewhere where I can have a conversation with the person sitting next to me. What a novel concept!

  15. OK – I just checked the menu. Everyone is going to balk at the prices and the lack or real bar food. C’mon!

  16. Uh… “pricey”? Almost everything listed on the page is under $12! The burger is $7.00! I suppose if your frame of reference is fast food – or if you haven’t eaten in a restaurant in 20 years – you might say it’s expensive, but for me, $10 is pretty damn good for a high-quality meal in DC. Also, it sounds like there will be a good beer menu, which is the real selling point for me. If I want to drink Bud Lite, I’m sure as hell not going to pay extra to drink it at a bar.

  17. Wow … You old ladies have already made up your mind and the poor chaps haven’t even opened their doors and given you a chance to complain about anything tangible. Over priced? Really? If you live in this neighborhood, certainly you aren’t calling a $7 hamburger expensive! An exec chef certainly can’t be a bad thing … Just looks like a bar menu that will actually be eatable. If the atmosphere is HALF as inviting as Maddy’s in Dupont, I think we are in for a very pleasant surprise. I’ll complain when, and only when, I have had an opportunity to dine there and have something to in about … In the mean time, I hope all of you are wrong and I am encouraged by what I “see” so far.

  18. Lack of bar food? Really Maria? I just looked at the menu and all I SEE is bar food! I’m with SGlover on this one, people. You just want something to complain about. As far as I can see … This concept seems to be offering up everything you all are screaming for. You can’t condemn these guys because of what their predecessors f’d up.

    As for price … More than reasonable.


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