Weekend Advice From Readers

by Prince Of Petworth August 27, 2010 at 4:00 pm 20 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user D©Bloom

“Dear PoP,

So everyone has probably heard by now that one of the Tea Party bloggers has warned rally participants that the green/yellow line is too dangerous to ride. I think as a public service, we should point out to them more of the specific dangers they might face –

Dangers like:

– Shoppers coming out of Bed Bath and Beyond can bump you with their new ironing boards.
– You can get serious brain freeze from eating your FroYo too fast.
– There are peanuts available at Yes Organic market.
– You could walk into one of the many flagpoles at the Navy Memorial.

And of course the biggest danger – the US Constitution is housed in the National Archives. . .”

Though there was this fight last night

Photo by PoPville flickr user ianseanlivingston

“Dear PoP,

Just wanted to pass along that perhaps I’m not the only one who forgot its move in weekend at some schools and Target is a disaster area. The hoards of parents carrying full size mirrors and cleaning supplies paired with the renovation for groceries has made this place a jungle. Perhaps anyone thinking of a weekend trip to Target should venture to VA or elsewhere because the lines are long and they are cleaned out and very disorganized. For example dry catfood is now upstairs next to baby supplies, not with all the other pet food/litter downstairs….”

You are officially warned!!!


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