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The 5pm Post – Happy Hour for Streetcars at Sova Tonight

by Prince Of Petworth August 18, 2010 at 5:00 pm 9 Comments

“Dear PoP,

I am a volunteer for the Washington, DC chapter of the Sierra Club. On August 18th at 6:00 p.m., the chapter will be holding a happy hour for streetcar supporters to celebrate recent victories (funding approved by DC Council and overhead wires legislation passed) and to discuss what next steps should be taken in our campaign to make streetcars a viable transportation for option for as many residents of the Washington, DC metro region as possible. The happy hour will take place at SOVA, located at 1359 H Street NE, an espresso and wine bar located along the route of the proposed H st.–Benning Rd. NE line.”

If you have a happy hour or event you’d like publicized in the 5pm post please send an email to princeofpetworth(at) gmail (dot) com with 5pm post in the title of the email.

  • whoa

    wow, the sierra club? streetcars are cool but from what i understand terribly inefficient as investments. kinda surprised they are so into it. is it because they can’t be powered by gasoline?

    • Anonymous

      go to the happy and tell everyone your theory.

    • 11th

      +1 Not sexy, but natural gas-fueled buses are the way to go if you’re worried about any kind of emissions. Maybe streetcars are good for development (I have no idea), but them running off DC’s electric grid is not doing anything right now (unless we change our electricity generation portfolio) for the environment.

  • Jip

    Boo on the overhead wires! It is a probably a done deal, but it would be great for the Sierra Club to lobby (instead of partying) DC gov’t on other streetcar powering systems that are not dependent on overhead wires.

    • Ragged Dog

      Biggest waste of angst.

  • Darth Fabulous

    Is Vincent Gray invited?

  • Ragged Dog

    Actually coal fired generation electric street cars produce 40% fewer emissions per equivalent number of people-mile than cars.

    • 11th

      The comparison wasn’t to cars–it was to natural gas-fueled buses. Mass transit is of course more efficient than single folks in automobiles. The question is what kind of mass transit you use and how it’s powered. There are probably plenty of reasons to favor streetcars over buses, but larger environmental benefit (especially on the ghg side) isn’t one of them.

  • Petey

    Still can’t figure out why street cars are better than a gas buses except that “they are cool.” We do we have to spend millions of taxpayer dollars, look at a bunch of ugly wires (underground wires don’t work in snowy areas) so a limited segment of people can boast about their increased property value? It’s not even like they are cool wooden paneled ones with outdoor seating like they have in San Francisco.
    I support the Sierra Club but I protest this misuse of my dues.


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