Washington, DC

Back in May I wrote a post titled, Battle of the Safeways: Haves vs. Have Nots which generated a huge discussion. I’m happy to relay the news that Petworth’s Safeway may become a ‘Have’ from Jonathan O’Connell in today’s Post:

“The developer behind of one of the District’s more successful recent condominium projects [ City Vista in Mt. Vernon Sq.] is nearing a deal with Safeway to bring a 210-unit housing and grocery store development to Georgia Avenue, in the Petworth neighborhood.”

We’ve heard rumblings of Petworth’s Safeway getting redeveloped many times before but this is the first time the folks behind the City Vista project have been mentioned. Suffice it to say, I think this would be a tremendous development. I will now keep my fingers crossed and continue to knock wood until this deal is officially signed…


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