Washington, DC

If the coolest pet contest has you itching for one, here’s a nice opportunity. From an email:

“Last week, a VERY friendly cat followed us home from dinner via Swann Street. He literally just followed us in to our building after we pet him on the stoop. We couldn’t keep him because we have our 95lb Lucy, so our neighbor watched him for the night and we took him to the shelter giving them the caveat that if they don’t have room, they’ll call us.

Well, the DC shelter does not have room (shocker!) but they have given him all of his shots and agreed to allow us to pay for him to be neutered and try to find a home for him…or just release him back where we found him, fixed and given shots.

I thought I would reach out to readers of PoP that might be interested in a very friendly 2 year old silver tabby. It worked for the orange tabby kitten that my boyfriend got out of a car engine on S Street (and someone else was able to catch) so why not?!

I’m forwarding some pictures that we took while we had him. Our neighbors said he got along well with their cats and was very people oriented. Also, he was very comfortable around Lucy to a point (see picture) so I think that given time, he could be very good with a dog that doesn’t have a prey drive.

If interested, please contact us via email ASAP. He’ll be neutered Monday and we’ll release him on Tuesday if we can’t find a home for him.

Jessica and Michael
email [email protected]


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