Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

Last night (Sat., Aug. 14th) around 7:30pm in Mt Pleasant there were about 15 police cars (some said more) and several police on Mt Pleasant street and an on foot chase of a couple of kids in the neighborhood. The chase happened on Mt Pleasant street right in front of the convient store and hellers but we never were able to find out what happened. It seemed like an awful lot of police cars for a simple kid thing. Any ideas on what happened?”

Hmm, this is the first I’m hearing. Any Mt. Pleasant residents witness or know what happened Sat. night Aug. 14th on Mt. Pleasant St, NW?

Update from MPD:

“Four people arguing led to three suspects trying to assault the fourth. Female officer on the scene of the assault requested assistance and back-up units arrived. I also responded. Suspects immediately apprehended and transported from scene which we cleared without any further incident. Crowd present from unrelated community event at small park.
Inspector Medina “


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