Washington, DC

Ok, we’ve had an amazing first round with over 300 awesome pets! The task of narrowing it down to semifinalists is nearly impossible. Remember there will be 3 semifinal rounds for ‘Other’, Dog, and Cat with the winners of each category facing off in the final for the title of Coolest Pet in PoPville. To help me pick Dog and Cat semifinalists, in addition to your comments I’ve enlisted some guest judges more on that later. Now please, please, please don’t be ridiculous and stuff the “ballot box”. We are on the honor system here but if there is an obvious fixing of the poll I will disqualify your pet. Seriously. Don’t do it! You can have your friends vote, you can put it on facebook or twitter but don’t stay up all night clearing your cache and voting 100 times yourself (it’s happened before). I am keeping results hidden and will show them at the end.

Anyway all the pets really were great and getting to post them up every afternoon for the last month has made my summer afternoons a lot more fun. So allow me to introduce the ‘Other’ Semifinalists. Voting will be tallied by poll and the poll will close at 11:59pm Friday night.

Dame Winifred Artemis Jolie-Pitt aka Winnie






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